Looking Back // February 2016

We are six days into March and I am completely stunned at the speed at which this year has been progressing! I’ve never felt two months fly by so fast before! But, the end of a new month means the beginning of a new month and the beginning of a new month means it’s time to take a moment to look back at the month that just passed us. To look back on the good, and the bad; to look back on life and the blog and all other areas that encompassed in the month. 

February in general was a month of awesome things. It was a month of starting to learn how to balance life, work, youth and university commitments with blogging and reading. It was a month of exciting things, fun events and so much social interaction. I honestly feel like I’ve had enough social interaction to last me a few months. So, I’ll see you all again in three months, okay? BYE. Just kidding of course… 










I ONLY READ TWO BOOKS THIS MONTH. *sob* I must be a disgrace to the bookworm community, I know. Please don’t throw food or rocks at me okay?! I CAN EXPLAINNNNN. 

It’s been a really busy month, life has been particularly heavy in which I have been going out almost every day and my days and nights have been filled with tasks and things that have drastically reduced my reading time. 

But I digress – this month, I read Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike which I did not enjoy one bit and ended up giving two out of five stars. Then, I proceeded to read Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes which I enjoyed a whole lot better, giving it a solid three out of five stars. 


Like I mentioned, life really took a step to another level in BUSY this month. Busy is the exact word I’d use for this month, in fact! 


If you follow me on Twitter, you’re probably seeing this and thinking: OKAY JOSIE, WE GET IT, YOU STARTED UNIVERSITY. Hehe, sorry but I’ll have to share it one more time because I still am so excited about it! This month, I went to my university’s orientation week wherein I nervously tried to navigate my way around the GARGANTUAN campus. Seriously, it’s HUGE. The week after orientation week was the week where I started classes, which, I was buzzing with excitement and nervousness about. My first class was fantastic. I made friends almost instantly and the people in my class were so friendly, I could hardly believe it! After that class however, I found out that the other classes I had enrolled in were the WRONG UNITS. Cue the horror. So I had to spend the rest of that afternoon sorting out my enrollment and enrolling in the proper units. SILLY ME. Luckily, I enrolled quick enough to do my other classes for the rest of that week, which, were fantastic too.

One of my classes in university is Introduction To Writing which is probably going to be my favourite class of the semester. My tutor is so friendly and charismatic and the other students in my class are so willing to participate and engage, even more so than me. Our tutor made us do an exercise where he gave us two words and from those two words, we were supposed to write and not stop until 7 minutes was up. The only rule was that we couldn’t let the pen stop moving, and we could use only our first ideas. IT WAS PHENOMENAL, GUYS. EEK.


This month I went on another road trip with my squad. Yes, my friends and I call our group the squad. We drove down to Serpentine Falls which was a two hour drive from where I live. I was excited because, first off: LONG DRIVES and secondly, because I was spending quality time with the people I love! The place was so pretty, specifically the falls. I didn’t go swimming because I’m a land creature and the idea of swimming is foreign to me – WHO KNOWS I MIGHT DROWN OR SOMETHING?! – but I did go for a walk and sit under the cover of shade and watch my friends frolic in the water.


The swimming area of Serpentine Falls, which was so pretty, quite small and cozy; a beautiful place to sit and relax and cool down in the water when it got to hot! (even though I didn’t swim)


One thing that has made my life much busier this month is my commitment to my Christian youth group. Despite being much more busy with youth related things, it’s been a  time of joy. There’s so much that’s starting to happen in my youth group and I’m so excited to see where God will take our team and the youth as a whole. Being on the leadership team and specifically on our Youth Band, I’ve had so much vision about what’s going to happen next. It’s so exciting.BRING IT ON MARCH, WOO.


For the first time in EVER, I watched more movies than books this month. WHAT IS GOING ON?! I promise I will be back to my normal self in March bookworms, I promise. 

The first movie I watched this month was Deadpool. It was a funny movie and quite entertaining, however I was heavily put off by the amount of reference there was to sex. I didn’t like it’s portrayal and thought it was a bit of overkill for me. I can’t ignore the fact though, that I think it was filmed quite well! 

Then, I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies WHICH WAS AWESOME. Zombies, 19th century England and a beautiful romance tale? How could I NOT enjoy that? The zombie aspect was particularly awesome. There were jumpscares and I loved the look of the zombies – they were freaky and cool and YEP. The romance between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy WAS SO SWOONWORTHY. The dialogue was fantastic, and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend was very entertained by that. Overall, I’d say this is my favourite film of the month. 

That’s what happened  this month. Now that we’ve taken that moment to look back, it’s time to again, look forward into the new month that is upon us. March is going to be a month more more reading and MORE blogging and lots of university fun. Woo! 

How was YOUR February?

26 thoughts on “Looking Back // February 2016

  1. Ahhhh!! It sounds like you had an AMAZING yet busy month! I only read six books last month and I’m so disappointed! Anyway, Serpentine Falls looks amazing! I’ll have to visit there one day! In glad to hear that you’re enjoying uni❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • I definitely did! What? Six books is heaps! Be proud of yourself, girl. Hehe.
      It’s beautiful down at Serpentine Falls! I really want to go back there again. But a new month calls for a new road trip I suppose!
      Uni is absolutely fantastic, I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year spans or.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad you’re enjoying uni! I just started too, and yeah, everything’s been so overwhelming haha! I totally get the huge campus thing – idk if our unis are the same size, but it takes ~20m to walk from one end to the other end of the campus for me?? xD At least I’m getting exercise right?? 😛
    Serpentine Falls looks so pretty! I’ll have to go there if I ever go to WA sometime! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep I know what you mean! It’s an overwhelming thing, to step into scuba new environment.
      Oh if I had to walk from one end to the other, it would most definitely take that long – even longer than that I think!
      Haha! Yes, exercise without even having to try!
      It was beautiful! If you ever come to Perth, go there! Or come meet up with me and we can go! Woo! 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, it seems like you had such a busy month, that’s so great! I’m excited that you’re liking your classes at uni, so far. I wish we had classes like you guys do in Australia, everything just isn’t really that good here, hahaha. And yay for Road Trips, road trips are the best! and damn, that place looks SO gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

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