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Title: Rebel Spring

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Series: Falling Kingdoms #2

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Publish Date: December 3rd 2013

Publisher: Razorbill

Edition: Hardback

As this is the second book in a series, I highly suggest not reading this review if you haven’t read the first book: Falling Kingdoms, so avoid any minor spoilers.

Critical Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Entertainment Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Review:

Rebel Spring, the second book in the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes was a step in the right direction for the series. While it received the same star rating as Falling Kingdoms, it was a better improvement from the first novel. What lacked in Falling Kingdoms was further developed in Rebel Spring – which was a thing I demanded specifically and hoped silently for when jumping into the book. It worked much better on character development and depth and really began to show all the different storylines of characters coming together as one. Tensions arose as character’s lives clashed. However I was sad to see there was not much more development on the magical aspect of the story, which for a fantasy, is quite disappointing. Among the good and the improvements, there were still some issues I was concerned with in Rebel Spring.

What I enjoyed very much in Rebel Spring was the increased development in the character’s lives. Individually, each character was developed and I was able to learn even more about each and every one of them, of their personalities and their motivations that led to their actions. I love how Rhodes weaved each of the character’s goals together, in a way. Everything sort of links together, and what one person does, in some way affects the other character’s experience in the world of Rebel Spring.

Magnus is by far my favourite character in the series – if talking only about male characters. I feel that Magnus’ character is the one going through the most development and growth. It is revealed in Rebel Spring that he is far more three-dimensional than we would’ve thought in Falling Kingdoms. In this second novel, we see his perspective begin to change, as he sees the world and learns to see his own personal values. We see him begin to question the actions of those around him, such as his father: King Gaius and it’s evident that he’s beginning to grow into his own person.

Cleo is possibly my favourite female character in the series so far. Fierce, brave, strong and determined, she quickly grew on me. In Rebel Spring, we see her strength develop as well as her determination to regain her kingdom from the conquerors who she despises. Her ability to keep up an act but still be heavily working against those around her in plain sight is awesome, and her sass is wonderful and makes her interactions with Jonas a joy to read.


I won’t discuss all the characters, because, my goodness that would be an entire review all in itself!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Rebel Spring increased its cast of character POVs. I was pleasantly surprised by this writing style and the addition of more character perspectives. While I think it is great, I feel that it can make the story seem much less mysterious and can also serve to confuse many readers. While I was perfectly fine with following the huge cast of characters along the story, I feel that with the addition of so many POVs, the book loses some of the tension and the unknown. This is a series that involves many secrets and guessing what someone is thinking or going to do next, I feel is an integral part to the engagement of the story.

There is much more action going on in the plot now that Falling Kingdoms set the foundation for it all. Considering it is only the second book, there is still going to be a lot of development, however, I feel like Rebel Spring did a good job of adding more complication to the entire story. Seeing from multiple perspectives, you see the different situations each character is in, what they are planning to do, and overall how it fits in with what all the other characters are going and thinking. It makes for a pretty angst-y story line, that’s for sure!

With every book, comes issues. One big problem I had was the amount of deaths that occurred in the series. Where the deaths were meant to incite surprise or shock, it failed to deliver. The amount of character deaths started to become overkill – of course, to live up to the ‘King of Blood’ personality, there had to be some bloodshed, but I felt as though many deaths happened pointlessly. There wasn’t much emotion to them, or substance.

Another point of issue, was the romance. It was very confusing to follow, with all the different characters. Specifically Cleo – it’s hard to pinpoint where her heart is set. It seems as though there is romantic action between a number of the boys she deals with. However, I appreciate that nothing has turned into a love triangle or any other shape; it’s been very mild in the romance area. But I always enjoy a little bit of angst and competition between different ships, so BRING FORTH ALL THE POSSIBLE SHIPS, I SEE THEM.

Overall, I feel that the Falling Kingdoms series is one that gets better with each book. With each book comes more development in characters, plot and all other aspects of the story. I hope that the magic facet begins to grow and become a more integral part in Gathering Darkness as the plot becomes to gravitate more towards it.

What do you think of Rebel Spring?

14 responses to “Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes // Book Chat”

  1. […] I reviewed Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes […]


  2. Omg I ship Magnus and Cleo too! Especially after this book! And I do agree that this series keeps getting better! I bought book three the other day and can’t wait to start it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. But then again, I’m never truly the only one because I just discovered that the Tumblr book community LOVE Magnus and Cleo.
      Eek, are you going to start it now? Quick, so you can catch up with me! ❤️


      1. I’m starting it as soon as I get a couple review books done! I’m having a hard time not going straight to it though hehehe


  3. I have to write my review too. I liked it better than FK that I absolutely loved sooo yep. Getting better !

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    1. Link me your review when you’ve posted it, I’d love to see your thoughts! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure ! Here it is. But I finished this book last thursday, then left for the week end (Paris !!) so I didn’t put down my thoughts before taking the train… My review is shorter than expected :/


  4. I literally care about no one Morgan Rhodes kills. Oops. bahaHAHA my bad.
    I’m reading Gathering Darkness, and it’s certainly bringing me to the dark side. I WANT MAGNUS AND CLEO BUT ALSO CLEO AND JONAS UGH MY LIFE IS SO COMPLICATED. teehee.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHA, me too actually. It doesn’t evoke any emotion from me at all. Oops indeed!
      MAGNUS AND CLEO ALL THE WAY, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE. I’m not sure about Jonas anymore, but then again, I’ll probably read a scene between the two of them and then I’ll start shipping them hardcore – and vice versa.

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  5. Great review, Josie! I just finished Falling Kingdoms a couple of days ago, and I wouldn’t say I was the biggest fan, mainly because the characters seemed slightly two-dimensional to me. So it’s a relief to know that characterization is paid attention to in the sequel! Also, I may sound completely twisted for this but I love a bloody novel. 😛 So you’ve got me excited to get into it!
    I thought the relationship between Magnus and Lucia was… blood-curdlingly disgusting though. Does that change in RS? Because I really don’t want to read more… angstiness….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Aimal! It’s true, in the first book, the characters do seem quite flat, and I think I mentioned that in my review of the first book. But now I’m currently reading Gathering Darkness, and I can assure you that the characterisation slowly gets better and you start to kind of grow fond of the characters (I’m especially fond of Magnus!)
      Haha! Oh my, I’m glad you’re excited for the bloodiness. I hope you like it.
      Oh no, the relationship between Lucia and Magnus does change a bit in Rebel Spring. It’s much less emphasised and focused on.


  6. I still haven’t written my review for Rebel Spring 😅. But I agree with you! It does seem like a series that gets better and better and hopefully that stays true. I do notice how much overkill there was now, thanks for bringing that to my attention!

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    1. Oh Jess, you better get into that soon! 😉
      I’m over halfway through Gathering Darkness and I must say I am loving it much more than Rebel Spring! 😊
      Glad I could bring to light some things you didn’t realise!

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