The Book Courtship Tag!

The Book Courtship Tag

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Hello bookworms and welcome back! I am coming at you today with a book tag! This is called the Book Courtship Tag. This is a tag that is very famously floating around the booktube community and I’m glad to be bringing it here, to our little blogosphere! 

Now, this tag basically is a set of questions of the… I guess I could say, phases of my relationship with books. I’m pretty sure it was originally a tag to be done around Valentine’s Day! BUT without further delay, let’s get on to the questions, shall we?

Many thanks to Joey @ thoughtsandafterthoughts for tagging me

Phase One: Initial Attraction: A book you bought because of the cover

Oh boy… I’m positive that all the books I buy are based on the covers! Sorry but honestly, the covers are the first thing you see! I’ll try to find the best cover out of all the books I bought solely on the prettiness of their cover. 

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I’d have to go with The Alchemyst by Michael Scott. I mean, look at it, isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? Not to mention, the story inside is absolutely fantastic. 

Phase Two: First Impressions: A book you got because of the summary

Ah, now I’ll have to think a little harder about this one. Most of the books I read are a result of hearing about them from other bloggers or YouTubers. But I do spend a fair amount of time browsing through Goodreads, reading blurbs and so on. 

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Millie Bird is a seven-year-old girl who always wears red wellington boots to match her red, curly hair. But one day, Millie’s mum leaves her alone beneath the Ginormous Women’s underwear rack in a department store, and doesn’t come back.
Agatha Pantha is an eighty-two-year-old woman who hasn’t left her home since her husband died. Instead, she fills the silence by yelling at passers-by, watching loud static on TV, and maintaining a strict daily schedule. Until the day Agatha spies a little girl across the street.
Karl the Touch Typist is eighty-seven years old and once typed love letters with his fingers on to his wife’s skin. He sits in a nursing home, knowing that somehow he must find a way for life to begin again. In a moment of clarity and joy, he escapes.
Together, Millie, Agatha and Karl set out to find Millie’s mum. Along the way, they will discover that the young can be wise, that old age is not the same as death, and that breaking the rules once in a while might just be the key to a happy life.

Phase Three: Sweet Talk: A book with great writing

This is dead easy. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. His writing is incredibly and astoundingly wonderful. I need to read more of his books. But an honorable mention would have to be A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. Her writing is full of imagery, has amazing pace and flow and is a pleasure to read. 

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Click here to go to the Goodreads page!

Phase Four: First Date: A first book of a series which made you want to pursue the rest of the series

There’s so many! I’m a big lover of reading series. I would pick reading series over standalones any day. But if I had to pick one, it would have to be one of the first ever series I thirsted after badly. Eragon by Christopher Paolini, the first book in the Inheritance Cycle series. This book was absolutely incredible! I remember when I finished reading this, I had the second book waiting to be read. I picked it up instantly and didn’t put it down for hours. 

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Phase Five: Late night phone calls: A book that kept you up all night long

When books can keep me up all night long reading them, they are obviously amazing. I have a couple books that have done this for me, however now many. The one that pops into my head at the moment is City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. This book had me desperate to keep reading. I could not and would not put it down. 

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Phase Six: Always on my mind: A book that you could not stop thinking about

For this one I have to go with Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey. This book had me thinking and thinking and thinking about it long after I’d put it down! Even now I can clearly remember the way I felt after this amazing book! The story will stay with me forever. 

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Phase Seven: Getting Physical: A book in which you love the way it feels

I don’t think I have any books that have a great physical feeling! Hm… let me think… Oh, I got one! Angelfall by Susan Ee. Why, you ask? It may not have a unique feeling – the cover is shiny and glossy, but it’s the weight that I love. Compared to all my other books, Angelfall is weighty. And I love it. 

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Phase Eight:  Meeting the Parents: A book in which you would recommend to your friends and family

This is so easy and this book was the first to pop into my head! The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan! I would reccomend this to friends and family. It’s an enjoyable read and I think most people would enjoy the Greek mythology aspect that ties into the story!

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Phase Nine: Thinking about the future: A book or series that you know you’ll re-read many times in the future

I’m trying to use as many different books as possible, but there’s no exception here. A series that I would read over and over again would most definitely be The Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini. As for a stand-alone novel, I’d have to pick The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – I am so willing to cry my eyes out over and over again. 

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Phase Ten: Share the love! Here’s who I am tagging . . . 

Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff
Ashley @ dear world… 
Analee @ Book Snacks

Warisha @ Warisha Reads
Jade @ BookMuffin

And that is all for this book tag! I hope you all enjoyed it. If your name was not mentioned above, still feel free to do the tag if you are interested! And link back to this one so I can read it! Comment down below your thoughts, I always love talking to you bookworms.
~ josiethebookworm xoxo

20 responses to “The Book Courtship Tag!”

  1. […] was something I was tagged in 2015, I think? By Erika @ Erika in Bookventureland and Josie @ Josie’s Book Corner, and more recently, Summer @ Xingsings. Thank you so much! I’ve known these bloggers for a […]

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  3. thebookishuniverse Avatar

    This tag has the most interesting questions.
    I can see why you chose those books, I’d probably choose those as well.
    really enjoyed this post, it’s always fun to read the tags you make.
    Have a nice day xx

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    1. It really does! That’s why I was so happy to do this tag.
      Glad you enjoyed it! And you have a great day too (it’s night time here in Australia, almost midnight in fact so I guess it’s “have a good night”😊)


  4. I totally agree on The Alchemyst, such a stunning cover and a wonderful story!! There are not much people who know about this book and series I feel, and I’m glad you’re one of the people who do. A Court of Thorns and Roses definitely has great writing, and I agree with your choice of City of Heavenly Fire as a book that kept you up as well! ACOTAR completely dragged me into its world with its beautiful writing, and City of Heavenly Fire was a thrilling read. 😀 Also, The Lost Hero and the rest of the Heroes of Olympus series are great, and I would also recommend them to friends and family. 😉 Great book choices, Josie! I agree with basically all of them. Anyway, this is a long comment, sorry for that! Thanks for tagging me, I look forward to getting to this one. ❤

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    1. So glad that you also like the series! It’s true, I think the series deserves such a bigger fan base.

      ACOTAR, as you know, I love to death. Beautiful writing, so compelling.
      City of Heavenly Fire was so incredibly intense for me! I don’t think I go any sleep the night I read it.
      Thank you and I’m so glad you agree with my choices!
      You’re welcome and I can’t wait to see your answers. xoxo

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      1. 🙂 It definitely does.
        Ha ha yep, it’s outstanding! I do not know how you could not love the writing.
        Lol, same here! It was… one hell of a ride is all I can say!
        No problem, you picked great books. ❤

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  5. I also bought The Alchemist because of the cover! Sadly, I feel out of love with the series around the fifth book or so but I still remember my ten-year-old self loving the adventures of Nicholas Flannel, Satty, Josh, and Sophie.

    I recommend the PJO series to all my friends too! Sadly, not one of them has picked it up. I better step up my recommending game, LOL.

    I’d probably pick up The Book Thief for phase 9. It’s such a wonderful book and every re-read brings new memories and new realisations but just as much shed tears.

    This was such a fun tag!

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    1. Glad to know someone else who enjoyed the Nicolas Flamel series! Their adventure will stick with me for many years to come I think.
      I have yet to read the Percy Jackson series! However I will soon. This year hopefully.
      The Book Thief is on my “to read as soon as possible” shelf! I want to soak up the beautiful-ness within it! Feel free to do this tag! I officially tag you! And be sure to link back if you do it, so I can read your answers! 💖


  6. I got the Kindle copy and associated audiobook of The Fault in Our Stars (thanks to Amazon’s whole Whispersync audio whatever it’s called). I listened to the end while on a plane, and I cried and cried but had to be discreet about it for fear of weirding out the other passengers. I would definitely read it again!

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    1. It was a very emotional book! Sucks that you had to hold back your feelings instead of letting it out! xoxo


  7. Thanks for tagging me and that synopsis of lost and found. You have a review of it?

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    1. You’re welcome! Sadly, I do not! I read this book before I started my blog. BUT this book was so extremely heart-warming, very funny and you will NOT REGRET reading it. If you would like a review, please say so and I will definitely do one! xoxo

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      1. I would love to have a review of this. But again if it fits into your schedule. I don’t want you to do it if it’s gonna really take a lot of your time. Maybe a quick little one 🙂

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      2. Oh dont worry, I enjoy writing reviews so much it won’t be a problem! The only problem will be refreshing my memory! But it made a stamp on my mind, so it should be too hard to go back to it. I will have it up in a few days, maybe even tomorrow! xoxo

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  8. Love the book choices that you picked for your answers! 🙂
    I am always trying to get my older sister to read the Heroes of Olympus series. She has read all of my other books, except the Percy Jackson books.
    Jasper Jones was such an amazing book, I totally agree with you! I still think about it now and again.
    I am a sucker for pretty/cool book covers. I tend to look at the covers to decide if I even want to see what the book is about.
    It kind of sucks in a way, because I’m sure I am missing out on some amazing books by only choosing to look at books with awesome book covers, lol.
    Thanks again for tagging me! Definitely looking forward to doing this tag over the weekend! ❤

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    1. Keep bugging your sister! She’ll give in eventually and when she does, I’m sure she will love it.
      Jasper Jones is one of those books that just leaves a mark in your brain and in your heart, am I right?!
      I get what you’re feeling. I always tend to skip over those books with unappealing covers – it’s horrible to do that, but I can’t help it! I guess we’ll both have to work on getting ourselves to actually read the blurb!
      You’re welcome, once again, and I’m excited to see your answers. xoxo

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      1. Yeah, I am definitely going to keep bugging her about it. I want everyone to read them, haha! I agree 100% about Jasper Jones. I know I will always be thinking about that book for years to come. YES! We need to work on getting ourselves out of the habit of choosing books by the cover, lol! I tend to get e-books for the books that I don’t really like the covers too much, so that way I still get to have the book, but it’s a little cheaper! I then buy physical copies of all the books that I love the covers, haha.

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  9. Haha I always get drawn in by beautiful covers as well! But how can any bookworm resist a pretty book? Thanks again for tagging me!

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    1. Exactly! How can any of us bookworms resist it?! Pretty covers are just too good to pass up.

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