The Beloved Book Boyfriends | Discussion Thursday

The Beloved Book Boyfriends | Discussion Thursday

Book Boyfriends vs. Real Life Boyfriends

Hello bookworms and welcome back! I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday. I am coming to you today with something slightly different. I’ve decided to start something I’d like to call Discussion Thursday in which I ramble about things – bookish or otherwise! Feel free to join in and please do comment so we can fulfill the ‘discussion’ part of “Discussion Thursday!” Today, I will be discussing about book boyfriends.


A Fangirl’s Problem

Now, I don’t know about you, but as a girl who is undoubtedly in love with books and gets attached very easily to stories and characters within them, having book boyfriends is an unavoidable thing. Now as a fangirl myself, I would not consider this a problem. I’m very happy and content with having a list of fictional boys that I claim to be my boyfriends. However, there is one little problem that I found with myself that stems from this… I tend to pick these book boyfriends over real boyfriends. 

I think there are many reasons why I do this, personally. I don’t know if any of you fellow fangirls feel the same, but it’s definitely something that’s been happening with me. Let me explain some reasons why.

Book Boyfriends

I know and am sure that many of you have read some books and fallen in love with a certain male character, or felt strong feelings towards them. Come on, don’t lie. Some fictional boys are just so irresistible! With fictional boys, they feel so much more reachable. I walk along the streets in my city and I walk by many fine looking boys. But they feel pretty untouchable to me. However, reading a book, with a handsome male character, it’s so easy to fall for them because they’re so close (mentally, anyway). 

When I read a book, I’m very prone to becoming attached to the characters within. With fictional boys, it’s not like you’re just watching them from afar, you get to know them. You get to know their personalities, their likes and dislikes, their vulnerabilities, their strengths and everything in between. Especially when the book is in their point of view. Real boys? You can stare at them all you like, but you’ll never learn anything about them. So I prefer my fictional boys.

Honestly, this has been playing on my mind for about a week now. This post may be just a way of fangirling about my favourite male characters, but it’s also to ask you guys – do you have this same issue/mindset/whatever the heck this is? I’m aware and perfectly fine with having book boyfriends over an actual boyfriend. I’m content with swooning over my male characters.

Another thing that may be the case with this is that fictional boys are constructed in such a way that I’m pretty sure my expectations of boys are ridiculously high –  so high that I doubt anyone would have the chance of reaching (sorry boys!). It’s a ridiculous thought, but sadly and shockingly true! 

Now for the fangirling . . . My Book Boyfriends!

Now is the time for me to express my love for these fictional boys that will forever hold a piece of my heart.

Jace from The Mortal Instruments → I’m pretty sure he’s one of the first boys I fell in love with when I started getting into reading. He’s wonderful. He’s sassy, sarcastic, very confident in himself (to the point of boasting) but he’s tough, absolutely charming with a very eloquent tongue. His words just melt me. And he’s got angel blood within him. It’s obvious that he’s a magnificent man. 

Leo Valdez from The Heroes of Olympus Series → This boy. Probably my top book boyfriend. Everyone love Percy, but I take my claim on Leo. He is the funniest character you’ll ever read. He’s got sass and he’s incredibly unique. He is always cracking jokes and has a very lighthearted way of going about his days (that rhymes). He’s slightly awkward and doesn’t feel like he fits in with everyone else and behind his jokes and lightness, there’s a small fire of vulnerability. As I read the books I fell more incredibly in love with him and when I finished the series, I cried because I couldn’t read any more of him (silly, yes I know).

Raffe from Penryn and the End of Days Trilogy → He’s an angel. No, literally. He’s an angel. More importantly, he’s a high ranking angel warrior and his real name is Raphael. It’s obvious, he is extremely handsome and attractive. He steels himself, but there’s an obvious softness in him. He’s compassionate where the angels around him are not. Every time he did something such as protecting Penryn, I was squealing. I silently wish I could switch places with Penryn, even to be in that destroyed and horrible world! And an extra bit about him that I cannot forget to mention, is he is so amusing. The way he teases Penryn with his words and their banter in general – it was one of the first things I loved about him. (Are you noticing a trend in the type of fictional boys I fall for yet?)

Tamlin from A Court of Thorns and Roses → He’s a high fae. He’s so darn physically attractive. But that’s not the point. He is ferocious, but underneath it all, there’s a sweetness within him. The way he treats Feyre had me bitterly wishing I could switch places with her. He loves Feyre with a wild and wonderful passion that just made me feel all warm inside. 

Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses → Another high fae. I bet many of you are sitting there with your mouths hanging open. I know many of you dislike Rhysand. You say he’s evil and a total bastard. Yes, I think so too. But if you noticed my trend, I have a thing for those sarcastic, slightly ignorant and eloquent males. Rhysand was incredibly charming to me. Behind his disgusting motives, I saw that charm. He’s a dark horse that may make his way past Tamlin…

Legolas from Lord of The Rings → Technically, from the movie. Orlando Bloom as Legolas is perfect. I love him. And I love Elves. He’s so graceful and amazing with a bow and arrow. That’s all I have to say. 

Now I’m sure I have a few more, but for now, I’ll leave you with that! Discuss with me down below! Tell me, do you have this same issue? Tell me your list of book boyfriends! What types of boys do you tend to fall for in fiction? 

I hope you enjoyed this fresh new thing I’m starting! Please comment down below so that I know to continue this series every Thursday. AND PLEASE SUGGEST TOPICS FOR ME TO TALK ABOUT! I’ll see you in the comments . . . 

josiethebookworm xoxo

21 responses to “The Beloved Book Boyfriends | Discussion Thursday”

  1. I have so many book boyfriends. Chaol from Throne of Glass, Arin from the Winners trilogy, Tamlin <3333333333, Noah from Mara Dyer, Gansey from The Raven Cycle, Akiva from Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Will Herondale from the Infernal Devices. And the list goes on.

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  2. I don’t quite get book boyfriends per se but there are definite characters I prefer to others and will happily have them over any others. Sometimes I find myself sitting there reading a book and then I’ll think “Oh this guy would be way better if he was *insert random hunk from another book*”

    I was a fan of Rhysand too! He’s just misunderstood 😀

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  3. Oh my god I literally feel like squealing because I agree with everything you said! I mean, I get attached to characters so deeply and quickly, and having book boyfriends are so much better than real ones ha ha. Though real people are great too. But the way it feels to slowly learn a character like we do in books is completely unique and I’m sure no boy out there could meet my standards now as well, LOL. Raffe, Tamlin, Jace, and Leo are all on my list of book boyfriends as well! They’re just all so amazing (and they all have a great sense of humour)! Great discussion post, Josie! Looking forward to more. ❤

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    • So glad you feel the same way! I think I’m an extreme fangirl when it comes to book boyfriends. It feels so good to get to know our fictional boys!
      Glad to know we are basically the same with tho topic and I’m glad you liked it! Any suggestions for next week’s discussion post? xoxo

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      • 😀 Yes, same here!! It’s always an amazing ride where we learn the secrets and thoughts of an amazing person (fake person, but still). 🙂
        Ha ha yep, we have a lot in common! 😉 Hm.. there are so many good discussion ideas out there! I suppose it would be interesting to read your thoughts on OTPs (if we’re going along with the whole love idea; like whether it’s truly a ONE true pairing if we have several OTPs, some of your favorite OTPs, etc.) or your thoughts on love triangles/forbidden love/insta-love (this is a popular topic of debate between readers, and it would be cool to read your thoughts on it)! Hope you consider these suggestions, but by all means do another one, I’ll be looking forward to it either way! 😀

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      • It’s a great ride and one of the things that I love to experience when reading!
        I will MOST DEFINITELY consider them! I have already put them down as topics to talk about! xoxo

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  4. It’s funny, as I fangirl big time, but I have a boyfriend. I don’t think he knows how much I fangirl over fictional guys, even after over five years together, but I figure it’s better to love fictional characters than other, real guys, right? I love my boyfriend, but the sad reality of a long-term relationship is that the electricity and butterflies die down a bit as the years go by (and you start washing their underwear).

    Book boyfriends are great. You don’t have to do their laundry, you don’t have to deal with them not doing the damn dishes (gaaaah) and they’re always terrifically handsome. I love how you can still feel tingles reading about them. Loving them is easy. Also, they don’t fart.

    I’m going to go back to my good old favourite, Mr. Darcy. He’s probably why I first started dating my boyfriend, who is tall, British and has a posh-as-hell accent (despite not having a posh upbringing). A man who is clever, witty, loyal and loves his family is my kind of man. I have no time for stupid guys. Other than him, I have to agree with you about Jace (though I do have a soft spot for Simon – again, the clever/nerdy thing works for me). My most recent crush is Kenji from Shatter Me; he hasn’t had a lot of page space yet, but he is so funny. ❤

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    • Definitely completely agree with everything you said! It’s great that you don’t have to do all those little things that come with having a real life boyfriend. Of course I am not saying that real boys are not great.
      Ah yes, Simon! I do adore him also! I am going to be reading Shatter Me very soon, so hopefully I will be able to share that!

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  5. I find this a really interesting phenomenon, personally, because I don’t get it xD While I get attached to the characters, I’m not one to fall in love in the sense you’re describing here. I don’t know why. I think it’s partially because I’m not a visual reader–I don’t picture these boys–so the difference for you between the real and the fictional boyfriend doesn’t feel as great, except that the latter is completely unattainable.

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    • It is quite interesting isn’t it? Sometimes I don’t understand it myself. I think it’s because I’m a very emotional person. I don’t particularly envision completely but personalities and the way characters are written, resonate with me on an emotional level. And also because I’m a very withdrawn and introverted person, I tend to find a – I guess you could call it – comfort in this kind of thing opposed to reality. (It’s one of the reasons I’m such an avid reader also, I feel very out of place in the world most of the time).
      But I do understand, this concept is confusing for many people because they don’t understand how people can fall in love with a fictional character. It can seem a little queer too. But I embrace it because it’s a comforting thing, in a way.

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  6. I’ve got into the same situation with an fictional anime character and I’m still in love with him and I do have many book boyfriends and these three guys tops the list Dimitri from VA , Damon from VD and Daemon from the Lux series 🙂

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