Does Book Blogging Change a Person’s Reading Style/Personality?

Does Book Blogging Change a Person’s Reading Style/Personality?

I started book blogging last year, in January 2015 and since then, I’ve experienced and learnt so much about the online blogging community. I remember telling myself: this is going to be a great way to share my opinions and thoughts with like-minded people who love books just as I do! But I never thought about all the other things that I have come to experience in over a year of blogging.

Going off on a slight tangent – I CANNOT BELIEVE I’VE BEEN BLOGGING FOR OVER A YEAR. Time flies. This year of blogging definitely has proven that when you have fun, you don’t notice time passing you by. Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Many of you reading this post may be book bloggers as well as fellow readers. For you, I think you can relate to and agree that being a part of the book blogging community has re-shaped and altered your personal reading habits, personalities and style. Blogging makes a big indent on your initial reading life as a bookworm, and I know this from first-hand experience. It changes the way you think, the way you analyse a book and the way you interpret the way in which a book is written and the content within it.

Last year, in high school, one of the classes I did was English (which is a pretty general subject that any student must study to graduate from school). One of the most crucial parts of that class was being able to read what we were given and then critically analyse its content. It’s one of the things they train you to do in high school and in university as I’ve come to find out. I was given a novel to read and answer a number of journal questions about it – questions that needed deep thought and a ‘thinking-out-of-the-box’ mindset. I learnt so much more about how to read a book and see the hidden meanings and the hidden themes behind it. I could see the deeper thoughts behind a chapter or the development of a certain character, and it felt pretty awesome, honestly.  

Book blogging, in a similar way, does this to you. Initially, we read books and acknowledge them for their ability to entertain us as readers. For their ability to engage us and make us feel something for the story, the characters, and the world that’s created for us.


When you follow book blogs or host one of your own, you come to realise that you read book with a more critical mind. You’re more aware of the way a book is written and what it delivers to the reader. This is only one of the many ways book blogging changes you as a reader.

Personally for me, I’ve found that book blogging has definitely made me a more critical reader. I spend much more time thinking of the why and the meanings behind the words, behind the characters and the great (or not so great) stories. I find myself judging the book’s delivery of the story and in turn I’ve come to realise that my expectations are constantly rising because I’m becoming more critical every day. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in some cases it can be good! Especially for book hype: readers who are less critical are more inclined to hype a book more than it’s worth. However, each has their own opinion which is valid no matter how critical of a reader you are, but still. Reviews by critical reviews can be quite reliable.


Book blogging can influence what you read. Before I started my blog, I had no more than 200 books on my TBR on Goodreads. Since then, and since starting my blog, that has escalated to almost 600 books! Book blogging opens you up to the vast world of books. Once you’ve joined the booksphere, there’s no going back and it seems like there is no end to the community – they’re EVERYWHERE. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and of course the multitude of blogs on all different blog platforms.


Where you may have been a strictly contemporary genre reader, blogging opens you up to read new genres – and sometimes you find yourself falling in love with reading new genres. I’ve always been a fantasy lover, so I devour them like I devour cheesecake. Mmm… cheesecake. But through blogger friend’s recommendations and praising reviews, I have found myself exploring many of the other book genres that I never thought I’d venture to. (But horror, thriller and crime are strictly on the ‘to-never-read’ list. No negotiations.)


Sometimes, being a book blogger means having to read a little bit faster. If you receive ARCs, then you definitely know what I’m talking about. OH THE PAIN OF READING DEADLINES. But oh, the joy of reading and reviewing books before they’re published! Hosting a book blog means regular book reviews, and regular book reviews means being able to read quite a significant amount of books in a short time – this much, I am still learning how to do. Cait @ Paper Fury for example, read over 200 books last year. BLOGGER AND READER GOALS RIGHT THERE. QUEEN.

These are only some of the things book blogging can change for you as a reader. It’s pretty incredible to see the transition that having a blog can make, and if you haven’t already tried it, join the blogosphere. It’s awesome. You WILL NOT regret it!

24 responses to “Does Book Blogging Change a Person’s Reading Style/Personality?”

  1. I completely agree on all of these points above. I just started book blogging recently and it is a whole new world to enter into. I think your first point of more critical reading is exactly what I do now, I have read a lot of other reviews now on blogs and after seeing how in depth they are I try and think about that while I am reading a new book. Also, my TBR list is now filled with tons of new books. I try and speed read more now, but sometimes I get swept in I just slowly take the whole book in! Great topic! Happy Reading!

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    • Welcome to book blogging, first of all! I hope you’re enjoying it. The first few months or so are probably the most exciting parts of your blogging life.
      It’s cool to see that these things have developed on you as you’ve been blogging!
      Changing for the better of course!
      Oh I feel your pain with the speed reading. I try so hard not to speed read so that I can absorb all the details too.
      Thanks for stopping by! 😊


  2. Cheesecake?! THAT’S DEFINITELY SOMETHING I WOULD SAY. 😂 Omg you sweet bean. ❤ Yes I read 300 books, hehe. BUT DON'T WORRY…this year I'm waaaaay slowing down and honestly only aiming for the 200. 😉 But YUS. Blogging has totally changed me. Not my personality though? I mean, well, I guess I write better. But I don’t feel different as a person from blogging. I feel like me still. 😛 But my reading habits have 100% changed. I read MORE. Way more. I used to read maybe 50 books a year? Like maybe? And I thought I was a voracious reader. XD Now I read tons and there are ALWAYS MORE. (My goodreads TBR is like 1000 books and at this point I’m just crying and hoping I’ll accidentally be immortal so I can get through them all. *heavy sigh*)

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  3. I love this Josie – and I definitely agree that book blogging changes a person’s reading style.

    I think reading has opened up my mind to the fact that the world is so different and so vast and everyone will always have a different perspective.

    On the other hand, book blogging has definitely opened up my world to different books. I used to read a lot of classics, but since book blogging I’ve started reading a lot more YA, which I think helps me understand people better!

    And YES the TBR! I’ve resigned to the fact that I’ll probably never get through it all, but I feel like my TBR makes me feel excited about new releases! I never really knew what was *new*, I only knew what was popular or talked about. So I think that’s a very positive change for me. ^_^

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    • CW! I’ve missed you!
      Yep, definitely that’s what book blogging does. It’s such an eye opening experience.
      Without book blogging I also wouldn’t know half the stuff and genres of books that I know now.
      Sometimes I still feel like I have no idea what’s new, but thanks to bloggers who share recent new releases and upcoming releases, I’m never left hanging to dry!
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read! 😊

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  4. I’ve definitely opened up to reading a wider genre of books! I never used to read contemporary, historical fiction, or graphic novels – I would only read Fantasy. I mean, fantasy is my favourite so I still reads loads of it, but historical fiction has caught my eye a lot lately and I think it will soon be my second favourite genre. As for contemporary, there’s so many books I own now that I wouldn’t have even thought about reading last year.

    Blogging has also helped me realize what I like most about a story. When it comes to rating books, I’ve noticed small themes when it comes to me loving books (for example I love stories with complicated plots and little details linking everything). I feel like my reviewing improves every time I write a new one 🙂

    I still see myself as a slow reader, but that can’t be helped. I envy people that can read so many in a year!

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    • You’re exactly the same as me! I used to love fantasy and only fantasy, but since blogging I’ve been so in love with reading historical fiction! I want to read more, in fact.
      Ah, yes, as you blog about books you learn more about your reading preferences and the small things that make a book stand out to you. That’s awesome!

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  5. Cait is definitely queen. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?! If only blogging really made me a faster reader haha. The blogging community has definitely increased my tbr A LOT, though not my Goodreads one because I often forget to add books to it, which is really troublesome haha. I’m not sure if my personality has changed because of blogging, but I never notice things like that so who knows haha. Great post Josie! 🙂

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    • Why can’t blogging be the magical secret to becoming a fast reader?! One can dream.
      Who knows? Maybe if you really take time to reflect, you might find small changes in your personality? ☺️

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  6. I totally agree with you on so many levels Josie! Although I have only recently started blogging, I have always be an avid reader ever since I was little 🙂 Blogging really open up my perspective to a whole new world, and I absolutely love critically reviewing books and reading negative reviews. I have also become MUCH MORE PICKY when it comes to both choosing and reviewing books, whereas before, I would pretty much read and like everything. There are just WAY too many books to get through! And I can’t be bothered to spend time on ones that I have no intention of enjoying. Also, I recently realized that reading books definitely helped my writing skills. The words come more naturally to me, and now I love making up my own stories and thinking about different plot lines!

    In all honesty, the best part about blogging definitely has to be this amazing community. Everyone is so kind and welcoming, and I love getting to Fangirl about bookish things that none of my “real life” friends understand. All in all, I’m just so glad I made the decision to blog because it has really been one of the best choices I have ever made in my life ❤


    • It’s amazing what blogging can do, am I right? 🙂 You discover so much about books and yourself as a reader the more you blog.
      Yes! The community here is absolutely fantastic. I never thought a community online could be so welcoming and loving to one another! I can totally agree with that.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!


  7. YOU ARE SO RIGHT IT CHANGES EVERYTHING. For example, no social life. Teehee. Just kidding. It certainly takes up time, though!
    I’ve become SO much more critical. This year I’ve mostly rated books 3 stars and I have yet to read a 5 star book, though before I started blogging I probably would’ve already had several. I WAS ONCE SO EASY TO PLEASE. But reading so much is also really helpful because you learn not just that you didn’t like or liked a book, but WHY, and that’s so important in the reviewing world.
    AND NOW I HAVE ALL THE LOVELIES IN THE BOOK WORLD LIKE YOU! It gives so much access to people and books—I used to just hang around in the library and now I have far too many books to read thanks to Internet recommendations!
    AND CAIT IS QUEEN OF THE WORLD (or will be soon enough but whatever)

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  8. I love the community that there is here on WordPress and being able to share the books that we love and reading/finding more amazing books. It’s a great community!

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  9. I’m reading a lot more books for sure than before I started blogging. I also makes notes now of points I want to discuss in a review so that’s a little different. Sometimes I miss not being a blogger though and not knowing anything about a book I find. I miss going into the library and picking out random book because they looked good!

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  10. I agree with everything 😀 In my case in particular, I’ve become a very picky reader. Before blogging I was not like that at all, I would just go, pick up a book and read it. But now, every time I finish a book I go through a whole process of selection in order to pick the next one. Too many factors to consider! Priorities, bloggers reviews, the hype, the genre… It’s like the TBR ritual haha 🙂 Sometimes, I miss the old days where I just didn’t think about it for more than 5 minutes. But the great majority of the days I just love having the opportunity of being able to check all the reviews and blogs and twitters. Blogging has changed my reading personality but I think I would not change it for anything in the world ❤

    Great discussion, as always!

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  11. This is such an interesting discussion. I’ve been blogging for the same time as you, and I can really feel how I’ve changed as a reader during that time. Blogging made me want to discover new books, made my TBR explode completely, and my book budget, too. Discovering a book before its publication date is one of the thing that I love, but discovering books in general is just awesome. Plus, there’s a whole community I would have never imagined, with whom I can fangirl and talk about boooks, but other things, too, and that’s just AWESOME. 😀

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    • I’m glad you think so!
      It really does change you, in the shortest amount of time, too. I remember my TBR exploding within the first few months of blogging.
      Yes the thing I love most is that there’s such an amazing, friendly and open community here!
      Thank you for commenting!

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