Month In Review | August

Month In Review | August



Hello bookworms and welcome back to Josie’s Book Corner! It’s the end of August, what the flipping heck?! This year is flying past.
With the end of August comes the – unofficialend of Winter (here in Australia). And trust me, I love myself a bit of winter weather – the rain is perfect to stay in and read, but I am excited for spring! But I am by no means excited for summer… I’m a winter girl at heart.
And what else comes with the end of August? My month in review! So how about we jump right in?


If you saw my July Month in Review, you’ll know that I struggled quite a bit last month, and I’m afraid to say that this month, the struggle only escalated. I apologise for starting this post on a negative note, but I love you all so much and I want to keep everything real with you. So I must confess that my life has been feeling like it’s going on a downward spiral, that has effectively affected my school life and personal life and especially this month, my reading. Which I was dreading the most!


Being in the last term of school for me, EVER, the workload has sky-rocketed! Assignments have been thrown at me along with tests which I have been having almost every week, and with my motivation going from one hundred to zero, it’s been a snowball effect further down. It got to the point where I broke down in school quite frequently and almost skipped school or walked out in the middle of the day. Horrible, I know! 


Besides the load of study that had been dominating most of my life, I have also had moments of free, personal time (which has also been occupied by blogging and reading). I pulled up the courage to see my school psychologist about the mental issues I’ve been dealing with and I’m taking my steps towards dealing and solving the issues. It’s still a work in progress!

If you didn’t know, I am part of a Christian youth group! And things have been exciting within my youth group. We are currently planning for our annual camp, and as I am part of the leadership and also the worship team within my youth group, we’ve begun to start practising the songs we are going to sing during the camp. I am really excited for it to be honest! 


Once again, August was a fantastic blogging month! I managed to post quite frequently, despite everything and I am very happy to have stayed in touch with you all and also meet new bloggers this month! You guys are so amazing and supportive, I can’t believe it! 

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My favourite post of the month:


Hands down, my favourite post this month has to be my Spotlight Saturday posts, a new weekly feature I created this month on my blog! You all seem to love it and I find it to be such a wonderful way to share blogger love every week, because every blogger deserves love every once in a while! 


I managed to read 3 books this month! BUT, they turned out to be three five-star books, so I consider that an accomplishment! I am hoping to incredibly boost the amount of books I read in the month of September, but with exams just on the horizon, I doubt I will have the time to read as much. 

I do not have a favourite book of the month, because I loved them all so very much, so click here to go to my book wrap up post for the month of August! 

Music of the Month

I have so many amazing songs to share with you this month. If you have been following my Spotlight Saturday posts, these songs may be familiar with you already, but here we go! 

Shine by Years and Years

This song has the most wonderful beat and is so easy to get stuck in your head. The lead singer’s voice is simply heaven to my ears, and I have been playing this song on repeat for the entire month!


I Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd

Now this song is so catchy. Honestly, listen to it now and you will understand what I mean. But gosh, does this song make me want to dance (and I am a horrible dancer!). The chorus is just the best, and I am obsessed with this song. Listen to it, right now!

Holding You by Stan Walker & Ginny Blackmore

I have been a huge fan of Stan Walker for a long time, and this song is beautiful. The collaboration of Stan and Ginny is simply perfect. Their voices blend together wonderfully and the acoustic version of this song is to die for! 

Control by Golden Vessel

One word: entrancing. 

That is all for my month in review! There is no TV show for the month, because I’m still unapologetically obsessed with Gossip Girl. 

How was your month in August?


21 responses to “Month In Review | August”

  1. I dont know exactly what you’re going through so I won’t pretend to understand, but if it’s deppression, then I hope you know that, as cliche as it sounds, it does get better. I know cause I was suffering from it myself for three long years. There were a few days when I would feel on top of the world just to feel like I was buried six feet under the very next week. And the fact that I was dealing with my last years of school only made it worse what with the pressures from parents and teachers ya know? So….yeah I guess I can sort of relate?

    But trust me when I say this: the cliches are true. And once you get better, you’ll find yourself stronger than ever. ☺

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    • Yes, that’s exactly what I’m experiencing and how I’m feeling at the moment! There are days where I just can’t seem to find the purpose to get out of bed… But I’m trying and thank you, I will do my best to keep my eyes on the fact that things will get better. It’s my last year of high school too,and being at the top of the class, there is a lot of pressure on me to do well, from my classmates and teachers too! Not so much my parents.
      Thank you, I will definitely keep that close in mind! 🙂


  2. Three quality reads is definitely better than a sleuth of mediocre ones! Take a break with blogging to recharge–you’ve done wonderful things and you’ll come back with even more awesome. I took a month-long hiatus before. You’ll realize that the community is basically the same as before you took the break haha.

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  3. Looks like you had an amazing month, blog-wise. I’m sorry about the hardships you’re going through but I’m so glad you’re seeing your school psychologist and that you’re having such a great time with your youth group! You’re almost done with school so that is awesome! The stress is worth being done with school forever haha. I also heard a preaching where my pastor emphasizes that God’s got a plan for you and that it always gets dark before it gets brighter! Something amazing will happen in your life! I just wanted to share it with you 😀

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