ACOTAR Discussion | Day Three


Hello bookworms and welcome back! It’s Friday and that means that it’s times for our next discussion post! Today’s discussion post is on our beloved ACOTAR characters and their development! 

You know how much I love my characters and the characters in ACOTAR are amazing. I want you all to go crazy with expressing your love AND HATE for all these characters. 

I’ll start us off with the discussion…  CLICK HERE to go to the discussion page! I urge you to go there and login and make an account because we are all having so much fun  chatting to each other!

Best developed character?

I don’t think I can pick one character for this. In terms of romantic development, I felt like Feyre and Tamlin really developed together. Feyre especially developed from her absolute hatred of the Fae to coming to understanding of their world and that they’re not all evil, human hating creatures. She grows in her trust and her strength when she realises what she has to do. I was cheering for her when she finally ran after Tamlin. The scenes leading up to it were the most excruciating times of my life!

I really liked Tamlin’s development. I saw him at first as a harsh, withdrawn guy. He was pretty gruff at first and I didn’t feel much hope in growing to love him. But slowly he revealed bits and pieces of himself that slowly melted me. There were so many simple and adorable moments and had me clutching my chest! 

Least developed character?

This does not mean I didn’t like the character. But I think the least developed was Lucien. He didn’t particularly go through any development over the course of the novel, but despite that, I loved his character so much. I think the most significant development for him was when he was under the mountain and he became more bold in standing up for himself and for Feyre! I love his snark and boldness. He’s such a wonderful character despite lack of development. 

Favourite plot line?

I’m slightly unsure what this question means – I feel a little stupid for not understanding this – so I’m gonna skip it. 

Most annoying character?

At first, I found Nesta the most annoying character. The way she took Feyre’s hard earned money without any regard for the rest of her family made me cringe and sneer. She still lightly irritates me for her rich nature and the way she is, but I understand her a little more.

A character that annoyed me was Amarantha, of course. I despised her more than annoyed her. Her actions spurred by her motivations and experiences really frustrated me and I just wanted her to leave or die. What the hell did she want Tamlin for? Get away from my baby! 

Worst written character?

Oh man, this is a hard question.. I feel as though Sarah J Maas wrote all her characters incredibly well! So I have no answer for this!

Best written character?

Argh, I don’t want to choose! I think Lucien was extremely well written, and I could really feel his personality shine through in the novel. Everything he said was so distinct and wonderful and I’d never get sick of reading his character!

So that is all my answers! I seriously loved all the characters so much. Comment down below, or go to the AWESOME discussion page to chat about the characters! Let’s go crazy with this, okay?!

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  1. I love this discussion and I love all the posts you have written. I think they are very helpful and those you have loved the book will appreciate them more.
    I really need to read this book!

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