ACOTAR Discussion, Day Two | World Building and the Spring Court


Hello bookworms! It’s day two of the discussion week, so for Thursday’s topic, we are going to be talking about World Building and the Spring Court! This is an exciting topic! Don’t be afraid to get involved on the discussion!

I’ll start us off with this discussion of world building and the Spring Court by answering the sub topics:

What was your favourite part of the Spring Court?

My favourite part of the Spring Court… Hm… There was just so much I loved about it. I really enjoyed the way Sarah J Maas explained it that left me with vivid images in my mind. I loved the starlight (was it starlight?) pool that Tamlin took Feyre to. That was incredibly beautiful!

What other courts would you like to see more of?

I really want to see more of Rhysand’s court – the Night Court, I believe? Honestly, because I want to see more of Rhysand.. hehe. But in all honesty, I’m so interested in seeing more of the Night Court and would also like to see more of The Summer and Autumn Court (which is Lucien’s Court!).

Do you like the court system?

Uh, I suppose so! I don’t have a particular problem with it and I find it quite interesting! 

If you were a faerie, what court would you want to be in?

I would love to be in the Spring Court. But honestly, all of the courts are ones I want to be a part of! I would also love to be part of the Night Court – once again, because I want to know more about Rhysand and also because it was the first court that intrigued me when I read about it!

What was your favourite part of the world in ACTOAR?

The courts, and the issue between Fae and humans, most definitely. It was all so intriguing.

Do you wish there was more of the world seen/built already?

I think I was satisfied with the amount of world building in this book. But I definitely want to see more of the courts and the other Fae land in future books! 

Tell me in the comments your thoughts on the world and response to these questions! CLICK HERE  to go to the discussion forum where we can all discuss freely, we’ve already got a good discussion going on over there! 

Tell me your fabulous thoughts, bookworms!

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