Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish - check them out! Today's theme is Top ten things I like or dislike when it comes to romance in books. To make it more fun, I'm going to split it up between 5 that I like and 5 that I dislike!

Things I Like When It Comes to Romance in Books

  1. Slow development: I absolutely love when the romance between two characters is slow and steady and progresses in a realistic way. I love seeing the development of their relationship as they discover more about each other and as they slowly fall in love.
  2. Forbidden love: By this, I mean when two characters fall in love but they’re not allowed to be together. Some of these types of romance can be really tedious and sometimes just doesn’t work, but when written well, I LOVE this kind of romance and tension.
  3. Love triangles: Just hear me out, okay? Sometimes love triangles are so awesome in my opinion. I love the feeling of getting hooked to a relationship between two characters and then falling in love with the character’s relationship with another. I love reading and fussing over which guy/girl the main character will end up with in the end! It just makes a story exciting sometimes!
  4. Love-hate relationships: I adore these. Once again, some can be cheesy and annoying. But a love-hate relationship which is subtle, I love. When you can tell there’s obviously some form of attraction between the two but they just find each other quite infuriating.
  5. Bad boys: Okay seriously, I love bad boys, mysterious boys, etc. I love reading about them and in almost any book I read, I fall in love with them. I love how they’re constructed so tough and the main character has to go through the story slowly breaking down the guy’s barriers that he’s put up and then you see the final result of who he is and you love him even more. Ugh… bad boys. Love them.

Things I Dislike

  1. Insta-love: Just like everyone else, insta-love is extremely annoying. Unless it has something to do with some kind of magical, mystical spell or something, insta-love, when two people just meet and they love each other, makes me a little sick.
  2. Love triangles: As much as I love them, I dislike them also. Sometimes one character just gets in the way and I just want to grab him and throw him off the Earth and all the way to Pluto where they can’t mess up the relationship. I also hate sometimes when the main character just hops back and forth from one guy/girl to the other constantly. I’m sitting here like… JUST PICK ONE. PLEASE.
  3. Instant forgiveness: Sometimes it really grinds my gears when a couple go through something that makes them angry at each other and then after a short period of time, they some back together and they make it all better again, completely forgetting any past mistakes without a care. It’s not exciting to read! It’s also not realistic. But sometimes, I know, it is alright and necessary.
  4. Constant tension: In contradiction to my last point, when there’s always constant fighting, or doubting in a relationship between two characters, it makes me want to bang my head against a wall. When the characters are just so caught up in all their relationship problems, jealously and distrust, sometimes I just want them to kiss and make up.
  5. Unexpected death: When one of the characters in the relationship dies. I hate. HATE. It breaks my heart, shatters it into a million pieces. (I’m talking about Allegiant here, and Waterfall)! Especially when you read the story and the author weaves the most beautiful, amazing love between two characters and then one goes and dies. Not only does it shatter my heart about the one that died, but then I think back to the one who still lives, and my heart breaks all over again!
So I guess that’s it for today’s post! i hope you enjoyed and please tell me in the comments the one thing you like and one thing that you dislike!
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~ josiethebookworm xoxo

13 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. Great post! I agree with everything you wrote. I love love love bad boy characters and when the protagonist gets in a love-hate with a bad boy. That’s my weakness haha! x

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    1. Thankyou! Glad you agree! xo


  2. I absolutely LOVE love-hate relationships!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re fantastic!


  3. Great post. I like bad, posh boys tho.


    1. Thankyou! Ah, I see, a great combination 😉

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  4. I LOVE the bad boy thing, as long as it can be done without the guy oppressing the girl (because let’s face it, it’s usually a bad-boy-good-girl dynamic).

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    1. Yeah, I agree with that!


      1. It’s awesome having a bad boy character but also an equally strong girl character. Bad boys can be quite charming as long as it’s not being overdone. In my opinion.


  5. Haha, it is quite facepalm worthy when characters blow up the drama to unnecessary proportions but then 20 pages later after a long-winded apology, life goes on happy ever after. And when these willy nilly moments happening early in the book, I find it just dilutes the seriousness of everything else.

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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    1. Yes, exactly! It just spoils the whole feel. Thanks so much for your feedback.


  6. If there’s a really good reason why part of a couple dies, I can forgive it. But anything less than that? It makes me angry too. Why get us invested in something and then murder it?

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    1. Yes, I totally agree!


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