Songs That Make Me Want To Write ALL THE BOOKS // Top Ten Tuesday

Hello bookworms and welcome back! I know, I know, you’re probably wondering: Josie, why have you been so inactive for this past week or so? The truth? I’ve been busy with my new job, with spending quality time with people and basically with just living life. It’s a hard thing to balance I tell you! […]

Beautiful People: Writing Goals and Resolutions

Hello bookworms and welcome! Now if you don’t know already, I am not just a book blogger – I’m a writer too, and I love to write. I absolutely love it. And this year I not only want to write more regularly, but I also want to post more about my writing, and what better […]

Writing is Magical & Here’s Five Reasons Why!

Greetings bookworms and welcome back! Funny story: I was so set on doing a Top Five Wednesday post, only to find out five minutes ago that Goodreads is down, under maintenance, meaning I cannot access this week’s topic! (These are the times I regret checking the night before. Silly silly Josie!) But anywho, the show must […]

Beautiful Books #1: Introduce Your Novel | Thursday Ramblings

Hello bookworms! I hope you are enjoying you Thursday! Today, for this week’s Thursday Ramblings, I am bringing to you a special post, where I introduce my novel, by linking up with a special link up called Beautiful Books!  What is Beautiful Books? Beautiful Books is a writerly blog linkup event, focused on NaNoWriMo novels. This month […]

The Writing Process | Discussion Thursday

Hello bookworms and welcome back. Today is Thursday and that means it’s time for another instalment of Discussion Thursday! This week, I am going to be discussing a topic which plays on my mind all the time. As you may know, I am aspiring to be a writer, and more specifically, a novelist and I am working on a novel. The writing process is a complex thing when it comes to creating a novel as I have found out through my recent experiences with writing my novel: The Apocalypse. Let’s jump in…