This morning, as I was spending my daily time on Twitter, I was slapped in the face with the latest conflict in the book community, defined by the popular hashtag: #fakereadergirls.  A man and booktuber by the name of Steve Donoghue recently put up a video titled “Last Week in BookTube!”. Now, this is similar to […]


As bookworms, we are surrounded by fictional heroes. Our protagonists are also known as the ‘heroes’ of a story. Particularly in the adventurous genres of fiction such as fantasy and sci-fi. But what is it that makes these characters heroes? Are they perfect and honourable and good? Are they the flawless and powerful beings we […]

Plot Summaries in Book Reviews & Why They Are Unnecessary // Monday Musings

Monday Musings is a weekly feature at Josie’s Book Corner, showcasing all thoughts on life, blogging and even possibly, wider issues. As a book blogger, I write book reviews – and so do all the other book bloggers out there. You might be reading this as a book blogger yourself. One thing all book bloggers […]