My OTPs on Valentine’s Day

Hello bookworms! Love is definitely in the air, with Valentine’s Day making it’s smooth approach. There’s dates to be prepared and thought out, presents to be bought and even our favourite bookish OTPs are getting ready for a romantic time. I thought, to get into the season of love, it would be flippin’ awesome to talk […]

Rip It Or Ship It | Couples From Different Books [TAG]

Rip It Or Ship It? Hello bookworms! Today is Thursday and I can’t think of a discussion topic, so instead, I’m going to do something I’ve seen floating around the BookTube for a while now – the Rip It Or Ship It Tag!  Basically what you do is you write down an even amount of […]

My Favourite Book Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Valentine’s Day. A day of love, and chocolates and kisses. And MY FAVOURITE BOOK COUPLES! So it’s Valentine’s Day today, so I’ve decided to celebrate all my favourite and best couples in books! Seriously, there have been quite a few books I’ve read over the years in which the romantic relationship […]