My Thoughts On STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (Basically a Load of Fangirling Madness) | Monday Musings

Hello bookworms and welcome back! Monday, as you know is home to my own original feature: Monday Musings wherein I bring you non-bookish discussion posts and today I am bringing you all something a little special – it’s a movie chat! I am not calling it a review, because I am by no means an expert […]

It’s That Time of Year Again Where We Make Overenthusiastic Goals | Monday Musings

Christmas is over, and as we soak up the last moments of merriment, delicious food and spend the last drops of our money on Boxing Day sales, we prepare ourselves to once again, start our yearly tradition of making a bucket-load of unrealistic goals… Well, for some of us, they are more unrealistic than others.  […]

Movies I Love To Watch During the Christmas Season (which, are totally not Christmas-themed) | Monday Musings

Hello bookworms and welcome back to my blog! I am back on this fine Monday to bring you my original feature, Monday Musings! In honour of the Christmas season, it’s only appropriate that I bring to you another Christmas themed post. Two weeks ago I gave you all ways to get hyped up for Christmas […]

Ways To Get Hyped Up For Christmas If You’re a Partial Grinch | Monday Musings

Hello bookworms and welcome back! It’s Monday, and so, I am back here with another Monday Musings post! ‘Tis the seasons for Christmas-themed posts, so in honor of the upcoming holiday we are all looking forward to – or NOT looking forward to – I am presenting to you a Christmassy discussion/musings post.  Christmas is […]

The Beauty of Being an Organised Human | Monday Musings

Hello bookworms and welcome back to my blog, on this fabulous Monday! By now, you must already know, today I am doing one of my original features known as Monday Musings, and today I will be discussing with you all the topic of organization. I’m an organisation nut. I’m crazy about it. If you follow […]