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 Josie’s Book Corner initially emerged from one girl’s complete adoration and obsession with books and reading, sparked by her passion for writing. This is an outlet for the bookish and the passionate; a little corner of the Internet where book lovers can come together and do what they do best.

Here at Josie’s Book Corner, we feature a multitude of book-themed content including book reviews, creative and fun book tags, collaborations, hauls and more. Books ar far from dying and we want to ensure that books not just survive, but thrive in this new digital age. Books inspire, change lives, bring us into worlds and places we’ve never been, gives us a place to hide. It’s a blissful experience that nothing else can match. 

Josie’s passion doesn’t just stop at books. It goes into organisation and planning, life and spirituality. The power of being organised leads to a happy, clean and uncluttered lifestyle. We want to share this with everyone who will listen. Sometimes life gets tough, but we are all in this together – I’m sure there’s tons of life content which you can relate to. 

Above all, Josie loves God and is not afraid to let her Christianity be shown to all. She wants to share how the Lord changes lives, saves the broken, finds the lost. 



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  35. This looks like a great blog and definitely one for me considering the type of things that you talk about. I think that your design and the way you come across and the way that you present yourself is something that is really good and makes it appealing for other people to read your blog.

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  37. Hi! I love your blog. Your layout is so on point and the way you format and write your posts is definitely unique and adorable. It says a lot about your personality, and I think it’s lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

      • It’s so beautiful!! I don’t usually cry while reading books but I teared up so much while finishing the last of the book, I eventually had to stop and wipe my eyes because my vision was so blurry! LOL
        I don’t know if ‘m going to re-read LOTR but I might re-read The Hobbit

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