As bookworms, spending money on books is one of the things we do most. Sometimes, we spend a little too much money on books… oops. We love the bookstore, but we can’t be there all the time and we don’t always have the time to go out to the store and stroll through the isles of those beautifully aligned shelves of books. But thank goodness for online shopping: Amazon, Book Depository etc. 
I personally go crazy, shopping at Book Depository. First of all, because it’s cheap as heck, they almost always have discounts on their books and I can buy a book automatically or pre-order right there and then! Oh, the joys. I can’t be the only bookworm who makes online book orders and I can definitely pinpoint a couple of things we all do when we shop online for our beloved babies (aka. books, duh). 



Number One:

Nothing can compare to strolling through a store of physical books, but online bookstores are a haven of its own. So, you somehow make your way to Book Depository/Amazon and begin scrolling through the endless list of books. Suddenly, you end up in the section of books that, just by looking at the list of books, makes your fingers twitch with anticipation. Not long later, you’ve got way more items in your cart than you should have. They’re like, half price! It’s okay for me to buy this much! Plus, I need them… You tell yourself. I have to say, I’m totally guilty of this.

(But really, it doesn’t)

Number Two:

You’ve made the order, now you’re in the waiting stage. You hype yourself up, you’re so ready to receive that book that you finally decided to order. Three days later, you’re rolling around on your bed wondering where the heck your book is: WHAT’S TAKING IT SO LONG?! I WANT IT NOW. You find yourself obsessively checking your mailbox every day, whenever you come home the first thing you ask is: Is my book order here? When the mail guy comes, you run like a cheetah, because it MUST be your book mail, it must- nope, just newsletters. *sob*

Number Three:

Forgetting that you pre-ordered a book and feeling like it’s your birthday when this pre-order unexpectedly pops up at your door: gosh, this is the best feeling ever, am I right bookworms?! It feels like Christmas all over again. This is one of the things that’s great about online book orders: sometimes they take so long to get to you that you forget you ordered them: forgetting is the good part, waiting is the horrible part (as mentioned in #2).

Number Four:

The guilt: you’ve spent way too much money on books… AGAIN. You wonder when you will ever learn some self-control and you soon come to the conclusion that you will go on a book buying ban for a few months. Two weeks later… PAY DAY, TIME TO GO BOOK SHOPPING! WOOOOO! 

Number Five:

That glorious moment when your books arrive. Not just one, but ALL the books you arrive. What do you do? Drop all priorities to unbox all your books and take your time to feel each one, squeal and sob at their beautiful covers, maybe even smell them a little… your precious little treasures!

I don’t know about you, but as a bookworm, I totally can relate to these when shopping online for books. I hope you all enjoyed this post, I finally felt motivated and inspired to write today, which is actually the best feeling, despite my busy study schedule. 



  1. OH yes, all of these! There was a time where I saw my credit card got charged, and I was like “WHAT IS THIS? FRAUD?” but no, it was just a book order I placed months in advance. ahahahha.

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  2. Yup, I can definitely relate to building a massive cart for books that I want to order some day! Lately I’ve been treating myself to quite a few books though, and when they arrive it’s like Christmas. Nothing beats going to the bookstore and picking them out though!

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    • Oh yes, I feel you. I’ve been tempted lately to treat myself to a ton of books! Particularly A Court of Mist and Fury, which I’ve been eagerly anticipating. 🙂
      Browsing through the bookstores is possibly the best thing that we bookworms experience!


  3. I hate how long Book Depository orders are, but I do agree about how once you have even the littlest bit of money, all you do is log into your account on Book Depository and scroll around for hours 😂


  4. So many people book shop online—and I get it, book mail is awesome! But I hardly ever do it. Actually that is a complete lie. I am lazy so I do it all the time…but it’s not my favorite way.
    I love Barnes & Noble, but used bookstores are even better! I love (yes, smelling) the old books, the new ones, I love sitting down with an espresso and being surrounded by books, I love reading them without buying them, I love being with food and books at the same time. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe it’s the best way to go.
    But still, I TOTALLY RELATE TO THIS POST. You are so creative, Josie! Your posts always make me twirl in joy 🙂


  5. I personally don’t buy books online, mainly because most of the good stores ship internationall and it’d cost me a WHOLE lot more than if I bought it at a local bookstore.

    But, if I were ever a constant online book shopper, I’d most definitely be like that. xD I have a really short patience so if I were ever to wait for ordered books, my family would suffer from my rants and my asking them when my order would arrive when they don’t even know themselves. xD Fun post!

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    • Have you tried Book Depository? They ship internationally!
      Haha! Yeah, I know what you mean about the waiting part – I always annoy my parents when I’m waiting for my book to arrive. All they hear is: “has any package arrived today?” Every day until it gets to me.
      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  6. Haha, yes! Although, I’ve been really good about buying books this year. I read most of mine from the library now. That doesn’t mean I’ve stop browsing, though. I will scroll through BookOutlet and add about 50 books to my cart. I have to force myself to close out of the internet browser. No, Sarah! NO! XD

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  7. Awesome post, Josie! And all of these are so true! I got The Rose and the Dagger in the mail yesterday and I actually completely forgot that I even preordered it, lol! I didn’t know until I seen a day or two before that the money was taken of my bank and I was freaking out, because I wasn’t sure what the charge was. HAHA! 😛

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    • Woo! Yep, that’s probably the best thing I love about ordering books online – that feeling when they arrive!
      I hope so too, I have a few more large assignments coming up that I need to get done, but I think I’m finding it easier to manage my time now! 🙂
      Thank you Marie! Your comments always make my day. ❤️

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    • I’m glad you can relate! Oh yes, the anticipation is the biggest one – it’s so exciting but at the same time it’s so torturous when you think they’ve come but they’re actually not there yet. 😁


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