I’d Give a Kidney or Two for These Bookish Things // Blogging Extravaganza

Welcome to day two of Blogging Extravaganza! I’m already enjoying this project and it’s only the second day! I’ve seen so many other bloggers participate in this and it is overall a really fun thing to do together around the blogosphere.

If you don’t know what the Blogging Extravaganza is, or you want to join for yourself, click here to see my introductory post where I share what it’s all about!

I should also mention that this blogging project was created by Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelfyou should check out her blog because it is seriously gorgeous (and she explains everything there is to know about the Blogging Extravaganza project… obviously!)

Yesterday (March 10th) was World Kidney Day. In honour of that, Rachel thought for this Friday’s topic we’d do the topic: Bookish Things You’d Give Your Kidney For. You know, why not?

And oh, there are many bookish things I would give my kidney for, so I should stop rambling and start listing, shouldn’t I?

All right, let’s do this!

I’d Give My Kidney For…



Give… GIVE! I wants it! This beautiful box set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy – plus The Hobbit – is to die for! Or should I say: to give a kidney for! I do have a copy of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, but hey, I’m obsessed. Obsessed people don’t give a damn whether they have multiple copies of the same books. Pssssh.


I wouldn’t even mind being able to spend an hour with my favourite authors, to be honest. Although a day would be fantastic, giving me the time to get past that initial shy stage and move into possibly best friend territory with all my favourite authors so they’ll send me all their new releases before their release dates… I’m kidding you guys! Gosh!


Sarah J Maas killed me with Queen of Shadows. That book reduced me to mush – good mush, I must point out, because it was INCREDIBLE but, now I’m stuck waiting for the next one… AND IT’S TORTURE. SARAH, WHY?!

I’ll give my kidney for the next book in the series – please please, pretty please?


I can’t draw. Not even if my life depended on it. I’m a writer, not a drawer, unfortunately. I’m an artist of words and not of the visual. Being able to picture a character in your head sometimes just isn’t enough.

So what if we were able to draw them, after reading about them? I’d give my kidney for the ability to do so. For the ability to accurately translate the image of a character from your head, onto paper. YAAS.


Let this be so! A magic room that fills itself with all the books I list on Goodreads – oh goodness. And since there’ll be millions of books in there, it’ll be a room that is like the Tardis from Doctor Who: it’s smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside! 

Well I suppose that’s it for this week’s #bloggerextravaganza! Are you guys currently participating? If not, you should definitely think of joining, so we can do this fun stuff together. It’s going to be a cool three weeks. 

What bookish things would you give your kidney for?

29 responses to “I’d Give a Kidney or Two for These Bookish Things // Blogging Extravaganza”

  1. YES TO ALL OF THESE THINGS. Sarah J. Maas is just KILLING me with the waiting – I NEED THE BOOK. The title released and I was like some sort of rabid hyena (what demon went into me I don’t know but I WANT IT SO BAD).

    And yes MADLY to the MAGIC ROOM. Please, please, please. So many books to read XD I think it’s also a cheat to get to that Sarah J. Maas book faster… I mean it is on my Goodreads TBR? GIVE IT.

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    1. YAAAS GIRL.
      Oh yes, I think all of us Sarah J Maas fans were rabid hyenas when we found out the title for the next book!
      Yes, yes!

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  2. A huge yes to all of them! I would gladly give my kidney for a magic book room. 😀

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    1. I think all of us bookworms would!

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  3. To be able to draw my favourite characters in different scenarios would be amazing! I especially love it when people draw fanart of some fantasy characters in a normal-time or school outfit 💖

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    1. I admire people who draw fanart so much. I wish with all my heart that I had that artistic talent!

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  4. Completely agree with the Throne of Glass one! Oh my days I NEED IT NOW :O
    And with the drawing one actually. I’ve tried making my own fa art before and while you can see a few of the attempts on my blog, they’re not exactly amazing and they’re just the select few out of the 6745987984375 I tried to draw haha!

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  5. Did you see that Sarah J. Maas released the title for the next book? It’s called Empire of Storms.

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  6. So many amazing bookish things here! OMG I AM DYING FOR THE NEXT THRONE OF GLASS BOOK AND THAT NAME. IS AMAZING. A day with the favourite authors, gosh could you just imagine! I would be so giddy and just wouldn’t be able to function lol. That magic book room sounds like an absolute dream come true!

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  7. Have you been to Hobbiton in New Zealand, Josie? I went last year and it was breathtaking. My love for LOTR has died down in more recent years, but I think you’ll love it! I almost cried when I saw the Shire. The souvenir shop has beautiful LOTR stuff that I think you’ll adore!

    I LOVE the idea of giving a kidney for a magic library! I’d gladly give a kidney for that. 😍

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    1. Unfortunately no, but I seriously want to! Oh gosh, if you almost cried seeing the Shire I can’t imagine what my reaction will be. I’ll probably want to stay there forever and never leave!


      1. Oh girl, you will! I cried when I saw it. So much beauty!! It’s a bit expensive but definitely worth the money. AND ALL THE PHOTOS! Everything is so cute and perfect.

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  8. I’d give my kidney for my own study. Old school, with book shelves to the ceiling that I could fill as I please. Bonus points if I can magically fill it with my goodreads TBR shelf!

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  9. Yes! I totally agree, if I had a magical room that would fill up with all of my books on my TBR list I would be the happiest girl in the world! I would also love to have a day with all of my favourite authors!

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    1. It’s a bookworms biggest fantasy, am k right?!


  10. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings box set is so pretty! I hope you get to own them one day and I couldn`t agree with you more: I need the 5th Throne of Glass book now! I`ve been waiting for soooo long!!! 🙂

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    1. Right?! I bet it feels amazing too! 😍
      I don’t know how much longer I can wait for the next book, I’m loosing patience.

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  11. I love that edition of Lord of the Rings too!
    I think I would give more than I kidney for a Hogwarts train ticket or probably a book gift card that would never run out. But if we are thinking about something a bit more realistic, my own personal library would be nice 🙂

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    1. It’s beautiful! I just drool at the sigh of it!
      Oh a book gift card that never runs out? Now that would be great! 😍
      A personal library would be awesome. 😊

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  12. I want so many of the things that you want too! Author-day, magic book room and the ability to draw the characters first and foremost. I can draw quite decently, but I need something or someone to copy the image of, I can’t just create characters myself :/

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    1. Yes! It’s a bookworm’s dream!
      I can hardly copy an image of someone/drawing of someone. I wish I could draw at all!

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      1. You have multiple other talents though! I am rubbish at everything that has to do with music for example and you are way more capable in that area!

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  13. Ahh, I need a room full of books on my Goodreads to-read shelf!! That would be the best thing ever, though a little scary? Do the books come flying in (and hit me on the head) or just magically appear on my shelf? It would be nice if they’re left in little parcels ;D A day with my favourite authors would be THE BEST, though I’m pretty sure they’d all just want to talk to each other instead of me. Their conversations would be very interesting though!

    Denise | The Bibliolater

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    1. Oooh, I like the parcel idea! Maybe after you add a new book, you find a parcel on your desk or your bed the next day 😱
      Haha, oh yeah, they’d talk amongst themselves and totally forget about us *sobs*
      Thanks for stopping by!


  14. I’m in love with the Goodreads TBR room idea! X

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    1. It would be totally amazing, right?! 😄

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