My OTPs on Valentine’s Day

Hello bookworms! Love is definitely in the air, with Valentine’s Day making it’s smooth approach. There’s dates to be prepared and thought out, presents to be bought and even our favourite bookish OTPs are getting ready for a romantic time. I thought, to get into the season of love, it would be flippin’ awesome to talk about my OTPs and what they would do on Valentine’s Day!
I reckon I’m confident enough to know the basics of how my OTPs would spend this special day. And trust me, our OTPs are much more adventurous, extreme and out-there than us mere mortals! 



Maybe if you’re a newbie here, or are just a bookworm who wasn’t educated on all the slang, OTP means One True Pairing. This means the couples that you see are totally endgame – they are forever and they are the best! I have quite a lot of OTPs (probably not as many as I have book  boyfriends, but hey!) so let’s get started shall we?

Zoey and Stark from The House of Night series

These two are an OTP that I could probably say were one of my first OTPs ever. When they met, it was an instant connection. Some would argue that it was a case of insta-love, but gosh darn, for me, this didn’t feel like insta-love at all, and I’ve read this series about three times. These two will always be an OTP of mine. What would they do on Valentine’s Day? Hmm… I reckon they would take a trip, just the two of them, to the Isle of Skye where they will spend time together, isolated from the world. They’ll take walks in the grove, stay out late and watch the spirits of the Isle frolick and such. AGH I NEED TO STOP HERE BEFORE I BEGIN FANGIRLING. STARK, eek! 

Eragon and Arya from The Inheritance Cycle series

AGH THESE TWO. Theirs was a very slow burn romance and I loved reading about it so much. On Valentine’s Day, I suppose Eragon would surprise Arya by visiting her and coming out of isolation on the dragon island (YES PLEASE) and would pick her up on his mighty fine dragon – Saphira – and take her on a romantic ride over the land. They’d spend some of the afternoon sparring and seeing who was more skilled, in which Arya beat him – because that girl is one heck of a talented swordswoman! – but then Eragon would unleash his training and surprise Arya with his newfound skills. 

Leo and Calypso from the Heroes of Olympus series

Leo and Calypso. Calypso and Leo. I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH, AGH. First of all, Leo all by himself just has my heart. I’d steal him from Calypso any day, but together, these two just melt me. For Valentine’s Day, Leo would totally take Calypso out on a date by picking her up on Festus, the amazing mechanical dragon. Calypso would be all sassy and reject his offer to take her out for a while, but eventually she’d give in. Leo would take her to amazing, far away places, because Calypso hasn’t seen much of the world. Festus might break down unfortunately, and they’d spend some of the day getting their hands dirty and fixing him. Calypso would proceed to call Leo an idiot, they might get into a little fight among the oil and dirt and rust, and then comes the kissing! Eeek okay, I’ll stop there because I can’t even handle all this cuteness! 

Aelin and Rowan from the Throne of Glass series

OTP OF THE YEAR. OTP FOREVER MORE, I TELL YOU. I will never stop fangirling about these two. They send tingles through my entire body – they make me squeal with their swoon worthy relationship. Their Valentine’s Day would consist of waking up bright and early – Rowan would most likely force Aelin out of bed, while Aelin would refuse aggressively, until he has to rip the sheets off her and send her flying off the bed. Aelin would try to act seductive, but stone-faced Rowan would ignore her with pure brutality until she was ready for their training session. They’d spend an hour or two practicing fighting with weapons and without. Aelin would get frustrated because of Rowan’s experience and his ability to constantly beat her. Aelin might spend more time in the day teasing Rowan, making sure he knows just how irresistible she is, until finally Rowan can’t handle it anymore (he might have to pour a pitcher of water over his head) and…AGH LET’S STOP AT THE STEAMINESS SHALL WE.

Jem and Tessa from The Infernal Devices trilogy

I’m sorry to all the Wessa lovers, but Jessa will forever be my OTP. I adore them so much, and I can never get over the connection those two have! Jem is a total gentleman (I wouldn’t mind having him all to myself, please and thank you!) so he would take Tessa out to do all her favourite things – a trip to the library where they read her favourite books and point out all the best quotes. He’d show her all the best places in London and tell her all about it’s history and the things behind it. They’ll take a trip to the museum and the art gallery. And then for dinner, he’ll take her to their special place in the Institute and play a special violin piece, written just for her. AGH, I’M GOING TO CRY FROM ALL OF THESE FEELS! 

That is all for this week’s post! I hope this is getting all of you bookworms into the romantic spirit, even if you’re single this Valentine’s Day. What better way to get into the mood than to imagine all your favourite OTPs and what they’d be doing this Valentine’s Day? 

Who are YOUR OTPs?

What do you think they’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day?

43 thoughts on “My OTPs on Valentine’s Day

  1. I am definitely a Wessa shipper just because I want Jem to myself. 😉 But I love this post! I’m was so happy to see a HoN OTP featured on here. I read that series so many years ago (and it’s so long!) and liked them, but I haven’t finished them yet. 😛

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  3. OH MY GOSH!!! Do you love Heroes of Olympus/ Percy Jackson too?! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Leo is probably my favorite character from HoO (besides Percy and Annabeth) and I’m so glad he found Calypso to love! I SHIP THEM SO MUCH.

    I also love Jessa but Wessa will always be my ultimate OTP! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • They’re relationship was built SO WELL! I ship them so hard. Now I feel like I need to reread the series!
      HAHA no, that’s totally fine to say! I loved that she was with Will, I shipped them, but then when she was with Jem, I was just going hardcore with the shipping!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. LEO AND CALYPSO MY BABIES. They are the cuties. They are the everything. YAS FESTUS.
    Rowan. Rowan Rowan Rowan. I used to ship him with Aelin SO HARD but then I realized—wait. LOL. He’s MINE.
    No Wessa?! Okay. We all have our opinions. I’ll just go read the epilogue of Clockwork Princess again and SOB.

    Liked by 1 person

      HAHA! Oh yes, Rowan is too good to resist, hey? 😉 I totally understand.
      I’m sorry! I really love Wessa, but Jessa has had a special place in my heart since the very first book! Will is mine anyway, lol 😉

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  5. Oh the feels I got from this post are just everywhere!!! I totally agree with what Rowan and Aelin would do and Jem and Tessa… God they are like my top OTPs

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  6. Ah Leo and Calypso! I forgot how much I loved them haha. I think Percy and Annabeth would go on a “boat ride” to Atlantis and then Annabeth would recreate it on Camp Half Blood. I ship Celaena with Chaol right now! I’m only on book two (well just finished) right now so maybe my opinion will change 😉

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