Life In Retrospect // Josie’s Life Corner

Life In Retrospect // Josie’s Life Corner
Life In Retrospect is a monthly feature where I look back at all the happenings of my life outside of blogging and reading and share how my month has been overall, plus a quick glance at next month’s happenings. 

Hello bookworms and welcome back! At the beginning of this year, I said I would expand this blog into becoming more personal, and HUZZAH! Here we are, at a life feature, solely dedicated to my life, not blogging or books because I thought that you all would like to know more about me. I thought, what better way to do that then to separate my monthly wrap ups into bookish/blog wrap ups and life wrap ups?

Let’s jump right in to the month of January, shall we? 

January was an absolutely fabulous months in all aspects of my life. I really feel as though I’ve started off 2016 on a strong note, and things are only going to get better, or keep progressing the way it is from now onwards. 

I got top marks in my exam results

As most of you should know, I graduated high school in 2015, so now I’m a free woman! Woo! Well, sort of. I had my extremely stressful final exams last year, and when I got the results back in December, I was so happy with the results, they were pretty much exactly the results I hoped they’d be. A few weeks ago, I was told I was actually the top score in my school and in a couple of high school’s around my area, which is very, very cool. 

I lost my job… and then I got a job

At the end of December, I’d officially lost my job at a store that sadly had to close down, so I’ve been poor for the majority of January. However, I’ve been blessed this month with a new job opportunity and now, I am working at my old high school as an office/school assistant! One of the best things about working there, is that I know almost everybody, and despite the fact that going on a first name basis is really awkward, because I’m so used to calling them miss or sir, everyone is so friendly. I’ve even got the opportunity to do some tutoring too, which is exciting! 

Awesome road trip with the ‘squad’

Yep, I have a squad – or at least, that’s what my friends and I call ourselves. For my best friend’s birthday we drove three hours away from home, down to a beach house where we stayed for the weekend. We went to the beach, we explored, we watched movies and played games and we cooked and ate together. It was so nice to simply get away from normal life and live with your friends for a couple of days. I would go back there in the blink of an eye if I could.

Youth Alive conference

This month was awesome because I got to go to Youth Alive which is basically a Christian conference that goes over three days. There’s praise and worship, there are guest preachers from all over the world that come and preach the word of God, and there’s a multitude of things to do in between. I love these conferences. They are the perfect way to kick start that fire for God and to give you a solid standpoint for you to continue the rest of the year with God as your focus. As always the praise and worship was my favourite part and also was the part where I really encountered God. There were also a couple of preachers whose words stuck with me and made an impact too. 

Officially a university student

I enrolled into my desired university this month and I am overjoyed that I am actually a part of the university and that I am going to be studying the courses that I’ve been dreaming of for the past two or so years! Granted, I am nervous beyond belief, because I most likely have to SOCIALISE with people I’ve never met *dies from anxiety*. BUT. I am jumping with excitement to actually start learning.

Bullet Journaling

I committed to an entire month of bullet journaling this month, and seriously, it’s the best method of organization EVER. You’ll never get bored of it, and it’s completely dynamic to your needs and preferences and you can design it in any way you like. I had so much fun playing around with different spread designs and layouts. It’s also so therapeutic to plan out your day by essentially writing down all your tasks, goals, events (and whatever the heck you want!) in bullet point/list form. If you’d like me to write a specific post all about my bullet journal journey for February, let me know! 

Writing has been a bust this month

This month, I got zero writing done. I’ve been so busy with everything else: life, blogging, reading and work that I’ve had no time to sit down and creatively write and continue my current work in progress. I hope that in the month of February, I can do a little bit more writing than I did in January. 

I’m in a relationship! 

As of the 30th of January, I have a boyfriend! On Saturday we had an amazing and extremely memorable night. My boyfriend and I went out for dinner in the city, at a restaurant on the 33rd floor of a building. It was so fancy and beautiful and the view, oh the view! Even better than that, was the fact that the restaurant rotates to give you a 360 view of the entire city. Cities look so beautiful at night. All in all, it was a night to remember!

Looking Ahead – February

February is going to be a good month. It’s most likely going to consist of myself working and trying to balance that with blogging and reading and life in general. OH OH AND VALENTINE’S DAY. And also me trying to calm my nerves about going to university, because despite my obvious excitement, I am nervous – for the social aspect of it all. Hopefully in the midst of all of this, I can get some writing done! 

That’s all for this month’s Life in Retrospect! I hope you enjoy this new monthly feature and I look forward to seeing you again for another one next month! 

How did YOUR January go?

42 responses to “Life In Retrospect // Josie’s Life Corner”

  1. OMG Josie. I’m so happy that everything is going well for you! It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve got so many new and exciting things going on! I hope this new chapter of your life is going to be just as amazing as high school was (minus the stressful exams… though you’re going to have plenty of those at uni)! So excited to hear about the new job and the new boyfriend ❤ It sounds like you had a wonderful night on January 30 😉 EEEEEE I'm just so excited for you and how everything is working out!

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  2. Damn, you make my life seem so lame! You’ve done so much in the span of a month. First of all, congratulations on doing well in school and getting into the University you wanted! An amazing achievement. And yaas get the boy, Josie! I’m sure he’s a really nice guy. And omg that’s so cool, I’ve never heard of a rotating restraunt 😮 nonetheless, such a cute date. Good luck in uni!

    I hope your February is just as amazing ❤

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    • Really?! I never thought my life was that exciting, to be completely honest! I think everything sounds more extravagant online.

      Nonetheless, thank you very much! Oh yas, it was a wonderful date and the rotating restaurant was so cool. You should definitely visit one if you’re ever near one!
      I hope February is a great month for you too. 😀


  3. your month sounds so productive, busy, and fun! congrats in getting the top marks and enrolling in uni! a roadtrip with good friends sounds like THE DREAM. and i’ve been doing a bad job at bullet journaling this past month, but hopefully that changes bc i love my bullet journal. loved reading about your month! xxx

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    • Oh indeed it was! The road trip was SO GOOD. I think they’re my favourite thing to do, besides actually travelling to another country by plane and such.
      Oh don’t worry! I felt that way about my bullet journal too for a while. Just take a little dive onto Tumblr for bullet journals and you’ll feel re-motivated! 😀
      I’m glad you enjoyed it! ❤


  4. Wow Josie, you’ve started the year off with a bang! Congratulations on being the top score at the school you brainy pants! I saw that you got a boyfriend too, love is in the air. And congratulations on your new job as well! I’m so happy to hear that life is going well for you ❤

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  5. AHH CONGRATS!! January has been kind to you ^_^ TOP MARKS IN YOUR EXAMS?? GREAT JOB!! 😀 Same with university and having a boyfriend! Your life has been so busy and memorable this month, imo 😀 I’d love a bullet journalling post – it’s always so inspiring to see how others bullet journal! Hope Feburary treats you even better (though it’s hard to see how haha it looks like January has been AMAZING! )

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    • It definitely has!
      EEK THANK YOU IM SO HAPPY. It really has been busy but also very memorable and awesome, I agree!
      I’m glad that you’d like a bullet journal post! I’ll definitely think of putting it up somewhere in the middle of this month. 😊
      I hope January was a good month for you, and I also wish you all the best in February! 💓

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  6. Hello dear! And can I just start off by saying–

    ACK ACK ACK!!! I have not commented in so long and I feel mega-horrible!! I love staying in touch with you and reading your posts but commenting has gone awry with me and I’m barely able to respond to my own comments, but OH MY GOODNESS YOUR JANUARY! I had to squeeze time to comment for you! It really sounds like your year started mega-awesome! TOP MARKS IN THE HIGH SCHOOL EXAM. That is like a dream come true. I remember that my schools were all very bright students and there I was smack dab in the middle wanting very badly to be valedictorian myself. YOU ARE SO LUCKY YOU GOT VALEDICTORIAN YOU MUST BE SO PROUD. And you know why I am saying that specifically? Because I am SO SO SO very proud of you, buddy!

    A road trip with friends sounds like the best thing in the world! I would like to do that very much one day, but the tiniest problem is that I don’t live in nice, pretty Perth! I don’t have any beaches around me, and I certainly don’t got no SUNLIGHT! Although I would like very much to live in Perth….that would be awesomeness supreme. A Christian Worship Program sounds like it was very enjoyable, because Christianity itself is a fascinating, widespread religion. And I am also a religious hack and am very religiously invested in my nearby worship places and worship in general. It’s great that we can relate! And your Sunday Christianity meme is very bright as well :D.

    UNIVERSITY OH HOLY SMOKES UNIVERSITY. That’s brilliant. See, there’s my smart little buddy peering through that introvert cover! I can’t believe you got into university! Is it a scholarship? And how many did you apply for? I hope you have a lot to say on university when you go because, gods above, going to college will be one of the most different, life-changing experience you will ever go through. It is a major part of who you will be and I can’t wait to receive more good news about your top-scholar-ness in college as well because I know you will do just great!

    And, lord, a relationship?! You are moving along so fast! When did I find your blog? October? September? I’ve learned so much about you and you me and I am so glad that we are such great friends! Thus said, I am so very very very very happy for you! THIS IS SO MUCH AWESOMENESS IN ONE HIT- A relationship is a very big part of your life! Plus, watching the city lights is always perfect, because the night sky is both perfectly starry and the colors are beautiful! And I know your boyfriend is just great, because relationships like this are a key part of your life experience and it is very relieving and gratifying to have someone who will always be at your side and who will always be there for you, who will call from your personality the best of you, who will shape and form you further!

    You have grown so well, and you sound like you are having a fabulous time! Your January sounds lovely and I can’t wait to move onto February! I hope the ridiculously long comment did not disgruntle you! To an amazing month and an even better continuation of the year!

    Love and books,

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    • Veda! Thank you so much! I’m very happy with how January went for me. I hope the next months of the year go a similar direction!
      I have received a scholarship for university, yes! I’m very nervous about it but I’m sure I’ll be fine.
      AGH YES SO MUCH AWESOMENESS! I’m very happy! 😊

      I hope your January was great too!

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      • Thanks, but my exams start in a week, and I’m super-duper-nervous about it! I’m currently trying very hard to keep my head from falling off from all the revision. Any tips for me, Miss Valedictorian? 😉

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      • Oh man, don’t let those nerves get to you! To be honest, I actually had an extreme mental breakdown during my final exams. It was very hard for me, my mental state was very fragile.
        A tip from me, I guess is to study in 25 minute increments. Study for 25 minutes and then for 10 minutes, have a break where you reward yourself with food or read a chapter in a book.
        And don’t try to study too much at once! I found that writing things down did better for me than just reading my notes. 🙂

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  7. Whoa Jose! I am so happy to be reading all of these!
    First and foremost, Hearty Congratulations on passing your exams with flying colours and being the top-scorer. Girl, you’ve rocked it and I knew, you had it in you.
    Secondly, I am so glad that you had such a wonderful night and now that you’re in a happy relationship and will have a person, who will be there for you through thick and thin. The whole restaurant thing sounds so epic. Cities do look beautiful at night. I live on the sixth floor of my Hostel Block and Boy! The view at night. All those lights in all colors! It’s marvelous.
    I’ve started reading Angelfall and I am loving it so far. Thank You for making me pick it up!
    I wish you have an even more amazing month in February.
    Plus, working at your high-school. Man! Now that is Returning in Style 🙂
    Much Love,

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  8. Congrats on your January Josie ! You had an amazing month, keep it up girl.
    I had an ok month, I have my exams in 2days so I spent the month at home studying my brains off, I literally feel like my brain is going to fall out of my head haha! And it was a pretty stressful month, but it was good despite everything. I read 8books which is a great start on my year and I started my blog, quite an achievement since I’ve been pondering it for months.

    I hope your February will be as awesome and full of blessings as January!

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  9. Sound like you had a fabulous start to 2016! I remember when I got my results last year too and realizing that I managed to pass all my exams! And you’ll be starting University soon too!! And congrats on your new relationship!!! That date you went on sounds beautiful!! Here’s to creating happy memories with your boyfriend!!! Fingers Crossed February is as good as January, if not better!

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  10. CONGRATULATIONS JOSIE! *opens champagne bottle* I love how wonderful January was for you. That top score is insane! Major props to you, I know you worked so hard for it and it’s very satisfying to reap the rewards. I got the same feeling when I got into my university. I had to stop just inside the gates, breathe, and take it all in because I was silently screaming with glee and having a “I made it holy bells I really did it” sort of moment. You will rock college for sure! And super congratulations to you and your bf, may you have many lovely memories and moments together ❤ Now comes the difficult part of coming up with a V-day present for him, haha! My hubby likes to leave clues everywhere hoping I'd pick them up and buy it for him lol. Always worked for us. 😉

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  11. Someone had an amazing start in 2016! Congratulations on getting into your dream university, wish you all the best! And yes it could be awkward calling your teacher last year by first name basis 😀 I hope you have an amazing February!

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