My Bookish Buzzwords // Discussion

Hello bookworms and welcome back! I’m sure you all noticed that I have been slightly M.I.A for the past few days and you’re probably wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t been posting. Simply, the answer is that I have been busy and have had practically zero time to blog. I’ve been organizing my university schedule, there’s also currently some events that I have to be attending this week. But huzzah! I am here today, on this fine Friday, to bring you a discussion post! 

I suppose you could call this my late involvement in Top Five Wednesday (a weekly feature hosted by Lainey @ Ginger Reads Lainey on Youtube), with this week’s Wednesday topic being: “Favorite Buzz Words (words used to describe a book that is a guarantee buy for you)”. Since I was busy and unavailable to blog on Wednesday, I thought I’d put up a discussion post today, inspired by the Top Five Wednesday topic. 

Buzz words. I have quite a few and if you know me well, I’m sure you could throw out two or three that you KNOW are my buzz words. These are the words I hear that immediately perk up my interest and increase my attention to a specific book. So let’s get into it shall we?

My Bookish Buzz Words


I’ll start off with the broader words. Any book listed in this genre is bound to come under my radar almost immediately. The first place I go in the bookstore, is to the fantasy section. I am much more accustomed to pick a fantasy book over a contemporary one, 10 times out of 10.

Mental Illness

Another broad word. If someone mentions to me, or if a blurb says that the particular book tackles mental illness or features characters with mental illness, I am more likely than not going to consider picking it up and buying it. I just have a strange obsession for books that feature mental illness, and I wish more books tackled this in all forms. 


I love retellings. When I hear a novel is a re-telling, I instantly get excited because it’s just so cool to see how an author interprets and twists an original story or concept into something of their own imagination. Whether it be a fairy-tale retelling or a historical retelling, I’m down for any of them! 


Any book that says it is set in the WW2 time period will have my attention immediately. It’s one of my favourite time periods to learn about, and mix it in with the fantasy genre, and you’ve got an immediate buy from me! 


I haven’t read enough books with dragons in it, and it makes me quite sad. My favourite dragon series is the Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini, and after that, I’ve been looking for and listing down as many dragon books as I can. Yet, I still haven’t read any! 


I’ve been a lover of magic in books for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I used to obsess over learning about elemental magics and googling all the different types of magic that were out there (obviously not in reality, but fictionally). Still to this day, the mention of magic in a story draws me in. 


HOLY MACARONI, I ALMOST FORGOT THIS WORD. I don’t know if I mention this enough for you all to know, but I love elves. All fictional types of elves, or Fae or whatever. I’m obsessed. This all started with my obsession of Lord of the Rings – I used to pretend I was one of the elves and used to imitate their hairstyles and the way they acted (quite silly to be honest, now that I look back on it, I’m slightly embarrassed, but hey). If there are elves in a story, you can almost guarantee that I will purchase that book – or at least think about reading it. 

That is all for this week’s discussion! I hope you enjoyed discovering some of the words that heavily influence whether I buy a book or not. 

What are YOUR bookish buzz words?

58 thoughts on “My Bookish Buzzwords // Discussion

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    • Yeah, I need to find some books with Elves in it, the fantasy genre is a bit sad in that area right now.
      Um, to be honest, I’m not sure what ‘Fae’ actually means. I may or may not be using it in the wrong context – oops.


  2. Love this discussion post, Josie! I have quite a few buzzwords in common with you (fantasy and magic for sure!) but I have to confess I’m not a big fan of books that have dragons it seems. I tried reading several including Eragon but I guess it was to slow for me. Have your head Julie Kagawa’s Talon series? I believe that one has dragons!

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  3. I love the idea of this! Now I want to see EVERYONE’S bookish Buzz Words! Then it’s always fun to imagine a book that has all of your buzz words =P
    “A Dragon-Riding, Schizophrenic Elf accidentally opens a magical portal to WW2, where he must try to blend in with the soldiers as he tackles life in the human world. A fantasy retelling of Romeo and Juliet.”

    Actually… maybe that’s not the BEST idea..

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    • Thank you Danni. Definitely go have a google search about it, I’m sure you’ll find quite a few other posts about it!
      Hahaha! Oh girl, let your mind run free, who knows, maybe that could end up being an amazing story! 😊

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  4. Oh, what an interesting prompt! I’ve never sat down to think of mine, but I suppose I gravitate towards contemporary novels {I’m the opposite of you – fantasy and I have a rocky relationship!}, middle grade mysteries, diverse reads, the Civil Right’s Movement, and family-centered stories. Thank you for such a fun post! 🙂

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    • It is interesting, isn’t it? When I first heard of it, it got me thinking of my own buzz words.
      Ah, you’re a contemporary girl, I see! Ooh, the Civil Rights Movement? That’s an interesting one!
      You’re welcome, and thank you for stopping by! 😊


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    • Thank you! That’s the order which I look at books too.
      Oh wow, welcome to the blogosphere! I have indeed been nominated for the Liebster Award before, but than you so much, it always means a lot! I’ll have a look at your blog! 💓


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    • Oooh thieves! I think that might be a buzz word of mine too. There’s just something about a book that features these types of criminals, hey?
      Ah, robots! It’s not really one of mine but, interesting!


  7. This sounds really interesting. I saw it going around on Booktube and never clicked on it because I didn’t think it would be interesting, but it seems quite fun. I don’t think I’ll do a blog post, but I’m off to tweet about it!

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  8. Those are all pretty cool buzzwords, Josie! I have Fantasy, Retelling and Magic in common with you. I have a friend who devours any book about WWII, but personally I always try to steer clear from that topic. Somehow, it always makes very feel very small and helpless. 😦

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  9. Those are such great buzzwords! I find it really interesting that you like WW2 books, because that’s actually a topic I try to stay away from sometimes. Having grown up in Austria, you get bombarded with that time period in school ALL THE TIME, so it’s not always easy to go through that again in my free time.
    But don’t be embarrassed about pretending to be an elf! I always did stuff like that, dressing up as my favourite characters and the likes when I was little. Actually, I still do that sometimes hahaha

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    • Thank you! Oh, I see, I suppose it depends where you come from that determines whether a person likes books involving WW2. For me we also learnt about it quite regularly, but it’s always been a topic of interest for me, and I always enjoyed learning about it!
      Haha, oh thank goodness I’m not the only one! 😊 Something I would love to do is cosplay as an elf.

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      • I am sure it depends on where you grow up. We still sort of get guilt-tripped about that topic, which is frustrating. I think the topic is very important and it was an enlightening experience to actually visit a concentration camp and talk to people who’ve been around at that time, but it’s still sometimes overshadowed by the fact that people sometimes still have that accusatory tone when they talk about it. When I was on my exchange semester in the US, a guy learned where I came from and asked me if my grandparents were Nazis in front of the whole class. It was mortifying.
        Cosplay is so much fun! I dressed up as Clara when I had my free day for working at Comic Con and people even recognised me. It was amazing!

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      • Oh wow, you got to visit a concentration camp? I remember going on an excursion to a Jewish museum type thing, and we listened to a man who was put in one of these concentration camps and oh my heart!
        Oh my goodness, someone did that to you? I’m so sorry!
        That must’ve been cool! I would totally dress as Clara too 😊

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      • Yes, every class in Austria does it at one point in their school career. It is a really depressing day, I can tell you that. The most touching thing was this one man we met there. He came all the way from France and only spoke French too. Our class is divided in people who study Italian and French, so we, the French-speakers translated for the rest of the class. It turned out that his brother was brought to that particular camp and that he died only a couple of days before the end of the war. He was so eager to share his story, but it was heartbreaking.
        I usually hate crowds, but i felt at home at that convention 🙂 you should go to one too someday!

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      • Oh wow, I bet it must have been a heartbreaking thing to listen to!
        I’m not that great with crowds of people either, but if you say you felt comfortable then maybe I’d be fine too! I’ll definitely think about going to one 😊

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      • It really was heartbreaking! But it also made everything feel real instead of just another lesson in History.
        I was lucky because I worked there and I could go into the VIP room. It was less crowded there and you could sit down. I have to say that was a real advantage, because sometimes the crowd really became a bit too much.

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