Movies I Love To Watch During the Christmas Season (which, are totally not Christmas-themed) | Monday Musings

Movies I Love To Watch During the Christmas Season (which, are totally not Christmas-themed) | Monday Musings


Hello bookworms and welcome back to my blog! I am back on this fine Monday to bring you my original feature, Monday Musings! In honour of the Christmas season, it’s only appropriate that I bring to you another Christmas themed post. Two weeks ago I gave you all ways to get hyped up for Christmas if you’re a Christmas Grinch (or even if you’re a regular person who isn’t totally crazy-excited about Christmas). 

But today, I am bringing you a different, more personal Christmas-themed post: my favourite movies to watch during the holiday season! Woot woot! Funnily enough, I actually don’t watch Christmas-themed movies during the Christmas time. I don’t like reading Christmas-themed novels and the same goes for movies.  I don’t mind watching them, but I much prefer others. 

For me, what comes into my mind when someone asks “what’s your favourite movie to watch during the Christmas season?” I think of books that just give me the holiday feels. And this does not necessarily mean movies that are made specifically for Christmas. Usually, they are most often, quite the opposite. I know, I’m a total weirdo. 

BUT WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, let’s begin with my list of movies I like to watch during the Christmas season, shall we?

1. Lord of the Rings

You all know how much of a crazy fangirl I am about The Lord of the Rings. It’s my baby. So, OF COURSE this would be the first movie I mention. I’ve possibly watched these movies over 30 times in my life now, and I will continue to watch them, EVERY single year, more than once a year. There’s just something about these movies that gets me in the mood for Christmas. I’m quite sure that last year, my Christmas consisted of my re-watching all three of these movies, curled up and isolated in my home, like the little introverted hermit I am. (And I would gladly do it again this year. In fact, that might be exactly what I will do this year. YES, I’M EXCITED.) 

2. Harry Potter 1-3

FUN FACT: I just spent five minutes staring incredulously at the movie covers for the Harry Potter series, because I just realised I have NEVER seen them before. My gosh, the cover for the first movie is horrible; I think the blue doesn’t work well with my tastes.


I’ve only ever watch the first three or four Harry Potter movies, but, gosh, they sure do remind me of Christmas feels. I don’t know why, but they do. Excluding the disgusting and utterly terrifying spider sceneI adore these movies. What is up with all these great movies involving giant spiders? First, LOTR and now, Harry Potter. WHAT ABOUT THOSE ARACHNOPHOBES OUT THERE? DO YOU HAVE NO HEART FOR THEIR WELLBEING?! 

3. Home Alone 

Okay, I can make an exception here. This is possibly the only Christmas-themed movie that reminds me of Christmas and makes me want to sit down on a nice Christmas evening watching this. It’s hilarious, and so very heart-warming and it has SNOW. I have never seen snow, so I guess this is the closest I’ll get to it for now. *sobs*

4. Elf

Okay, I lied. THIS is the last Christmas-themed movie on my movie list. I manage to end up watching this movie almost every time Christmas comes around. I would always sit around watching TV and being a lazy potato, and this movie would always come up. However, now that I don’t watch TV, my movie watching this year might drastically decrease into non-existence. 

Elf is such a funny and uplifting movie to watch during the Christmas season. Will Ferrell gets me giggling every time, he is such a great actor and plays his role well in this movie. 

5. Star Wars

This may or not be the aftermath of me watching the latest movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, BUT NONETHELESS, when I think about movies I love to watch during Christmas, I think about these movies. After my Lord of the Rings fangirling comes my Star Wars fangirling. I LOVE STAR WARS. SO MUCH. I love Jedis. I want to be a Jedi, and I kind of feel that, if they were real, I would totally be one. (The force is strong with this one, I feel it)

And there we have it! The five movies I love to watch every time Christmas comes around. Now, it’s time for you to discuss with me! 

What movies do YOU love to watch during the Christmas season?


38 responses to “Movies I Love To Watch During the Christmas Season (which, are totally not Christmas-themed) | Monday Musings”

  1. BAHAH OMG I love seeing how the Harry Potter movie posters progressed throughout the years! Okay, you know what I need? A binge watch on the LOTR trilogy AND all the Hobbit movies. Maybe it will be this holiday season. 😀 (That may also be like 12+ hours omg)
    Home Alone and Elf is always a holiday classic. 🙂 I enjoy watching those during this season too!

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  2. The one movie I try to watch during Christmas time (which I have already this year) is This Christmas. I don’t even remember the first time I watched it but I loved it so much and it had my new favorite Christmas song and it just puts me in the holiday spirit

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