This is Basically My Sly Way Of Telling You All What I Want For Christmas | Thursday Ramblings


Hello my fellow friends and bookworms! Today is Thursday, meaning it is about time for a Thursday Ramblings post. You know what these are all about – I introduce a topic, and we talk about it. 

But you know what else today is? Today marks the day that we are officially 13 days away from Christmas! That means, 13 days left you buy all your loved ones presents and gifts! Gifts are a hard thing to buy – at least, for me they are. I struggle even buying small birthday gifts and try to get away with a gift card or money. But guilt always gives in as my conscience tells me: it’s the thought that counts! 

Christmas time is a holiday for giving and receiving. A time for creating good vibes and spending quality time with those you love most. And none of us can deny the joy of presents. Everyone loves presents! But sometimes they are so dang hard to buy. You don’t know what people would like, you don’t know whether someone has already bought the same gift for the same person or not. Personally, I just wish someone could give me a list of everything they would like so I can simply choose something.

Maybe you are a non-bookworm, and you have some bookworms as friends. Buying presents for a bookworm can sometimes be hard – sure, you know they want books, but… what kind of books exactly? And do they want anything else besides books? The answer is yes. We bookworms do have a strong love for books, but there are other things we’d want too! 

So to make it easier for all of you who are clueless as to what to give your bookish friends for Christmas, or any other occasion that requires presents, here is a simple and informative gift guide (and hints at my own personal wishlist of items I’d love to receive). 


So the first and most obvious present you could give your bookworm friend of yours, is books. But there are so many books out there: middle grade, young adult, adult, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, contemporary, dystopia, mystery, akjfaiugbjaasgjab. The list goes on. So where the heck do you BEGIN?! 

The answer is plain and simple. Most of the bookworms I know use Goodreads religiously. To track their reading progress, to add books that they want to read, to interact and feel normal as an obsessed reader. What I’m trying to say is, that we bookworms basically create digital book wish lists on Goodreads. All you have to do is get into this conversation with your bookworm buddy: 

You: “Hey, I’m going to start up a Goodreads account, can you send me the link to your profile?” 

Your bookworm friend: “Yeah, sure! I’ll recommend you a ton of good books!” 

You: “Proceed to look at their “to-read” list and pick a book of your choice to give them as a present (and get obsessed with books in the process…maybe)


Or if they have a blog, such as many of us, including me (obviously), you can simply look through their blog for tidbits of information that will tell you what books they most desperately want. Although, be warned, this takes a little bit more effort!


I can’t speak for all bookworms here, because I know some bookworms simply use odd pieces of paper, but I am personally obsessed with cute bookmarksAnd I’m a hoarder of them. Buying your bookworm friend a cute little bookmark, I think, would be a perfect Christmas gift, especially if another friend of yours got a book to go with it! Or even better, if YOU got a book to go with it! (but honestly, no pressure)

If you’re looking for some cute bookmarks, Etsy is the place to go. There are these bookmarks called MyBookmarks which are the most adorable little things I have ever seen in my entire life! And they’re handmade, so they’re almost 100% guaranteed to be made with love!

Is your friend an intensely huge fan of Lord of the Rings? This Hobbit bookmark would be the perfect gift for your bookish friend. I mean, LOOK AT IT! AGH I MIGHT DIE. I want to grab it with my own to hands and clutch it to my chest and never let it go. AGH. 

Or maybe your bookish friend is a Game of Thrones fan. There’s been so much hype around it that I think almost everyone has jumped on the Game of Thrones fandom train, what with the TV show and everything. If so, this Direwolf bookmark would be a perfect gift for your bookish friend! 

C-3PO bookmark. For fans of Star wars. Unusual art bookmark. legs in book. Robot in the book. Back to school.

WHO DOESN’T LOVE STAR WARS? Everyone loves Star Wars, come on. Look upon the beauty of this C-3PO bookmark! I think that not only would this be a wonderful gift for your bookworm friends who like Star Wars, but also for your friends who are Star Wars fans! 

There are so many more that I wish I could show you, but that would make this post a million times long. So instead, click here to see all the different bookmark designs for yourself! 

Bookish Jewellry

Maybe you have a girl friend who is a bookworm, orgirlfriend who is a bookworm, who also simultaneously loves jewellry too. If so, why not combine the two? BOOKISH JEWELLRY. Anything from a “go away, I’m reading” necklace, to book earrings

Bookish Decorations!

Read More Books Print. Bookish Gifts. Book Poster. Literary Print. Book Print. Literary Poster. Library Poster. Librarian. Book Lover. Books

Now, by ‘bookish decorations’, I mean, things that your bookworm friend can use to outwardly show their bookish-ness! Whether that be a bookish poster like the one in the image above, or something like, this cute little door sign would be the cutest gift ever! 

Quiet Please I'm Reading ~ Handmade Wooden Door Sign ~ Unique Gifts for Booklovers/Readers/Students/Librarians

Personally, I need this door sign desperately. It’s as though the world wants me to do anything but read when I am ACTUALLY READING. Seriously, it’s insane the amount of distractions that occur when I start to read. Insane I tell you. 


Bookish mugs are life. It’s well known that most bookworms love to indulge themselves in a cup of tea/coffee. What better way to warm up your bookish friend’s heart, than to give them a new mug to pour their warm tea or coffee into? 

Now we shall proceed with a range of amazing bookish mugs. [Click each image to go to their purchase site]

I like big books and I cannot lie / back to school mug quote mug / nerd girl on stack of books / book lover mug / reading mug / library mug



The only thing I love more than a good book to read, is a good book to write in! Being a blogger, I like to write things down, especially about the books I read. I like to make notes and write down all the positives and negatives so that when I come to a review post, I have all the tools I need to write a good, well informed reviews. But also notebooks are great for all of those bookworms out there who get so inspired by their love of books that they want to write their own! Help your bookworm friend out by gifting them a cute bookish themed notebook to write their novel ideas in. 

A kitten?

So you’ve got the book, the hot cup of tea in that cute mug, the ADORABLE bookmark and a lovely canvas holding a bookish quote on the wall, but you know what would complete it? A little ball of fluff curled up in a ball on your bookish friend’s lap. Yes, that’s right. Many of us bookworms are cat lovers (I’m one of the more crazy cat lady type people), but if your friend isn’t a cat lover, maybe get them a dog, or a rabbit, or a goldfish instead. Whatever suits your fancy. 

(Okay guys, you know I was kidding about that one right? … Right?”

Phew! There we have my little take on the bookworm Christmas gift guide! I hope you all enjoyed and know what to get your bookish friends for Christmas now. 

Bookworms! What would be the top item on your Christmas wishlist? 



44 thoughts on “This is Basically My Sly Way Of Telling You All What I Want For Christmas | Thursday Ramblings

  1. Eeep I want to buy ALL of the things. Whenever I see the bookish mugs and totes and such, I want to open my own redbubble store and go wild. But laziness always win over and I guess I’ve missed the Xmas season by now — maybe next year XD

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      • YOU’D BE BROKE BUT HAPPY. AND GOLDFISH ARE CUTE. I had several ones as a kid but they died pretty quickly 😦 They had very original names like Blub and Blub 2 haha (here in the Netherlands fish ‘say’ blub, I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries so I thought I’d explain haha)

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  4. Oh my eyes are the heart emojis right now, so many good gifts here! I love them all!!
    Those bookmarks were the cutest things ever. Have you seen the ones with the Wicked Witch’s ruby slippers? NEED.
    I also must have all the decorations. At the moment I have next to none and I need something to portray my need for people to stop bothering me while I’m reading 😀 The door sign was perfect!
    Thanks for all these ideas. I was seriously struggling to come up with things to ask from family and such and this helped a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Writing this post, my eyes were the heart emoji! 😆
      Oh yes I’ve seen the Wicked Witch one! SO PRETTY.
      Me too! I have no decorations but it doesn’t stop me from looking at them endlessly, hoping. 😂
      You’re welcome! I’m so glad this helped you out! I know exactly how hard it is.

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  5. This guide really helped me so thank you!!!! Its kind of hard to give Christmas presents because to be able to go somewhere I need to bring my parents with me. Some of the stuff that you showed me I can make my own like bookmark and door signs. Thank you for your advice:-D

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  6. Hmm… the top item on my wishlist is just being able to go home and see my family : ) Well, that and some practical stuff. I asked for a clothes drying rack, a Pyrex bake ware set, and pots and pans for the kitchen. I’ve turned into an adult DX

    As for books… that list is far too extensive, I’ve given up asking for specifics and now I just ask for Amazon cards ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah yes, that’s a great wish! I live with my family so that’s not something I would wish for exactly m.
      Oh gosh, I think I’d be exactly the same when I decide to move out! (hopefully soon)
      Haha! Oh Amazon cards are definitely the easy way to go. 😌

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  7. These are all GREAT ideas! I really love how you put this post together. There are a lot of gift guides out now and yours definitely stands out! 😀
    Oh, and because of you I am now absolutely positive that I need a kitten. Both of my dogs used to share our house with a really awesome cat who ran away almost exactly a year ago. While I don’t miss cleaning out his little box, it would be pretty awesome to have another cat to curl up with and watch pounce on the dog’s tails.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! That’s such a sweet thing to say! 😊
      Haha! Oh yes. Everyone needs a kitten in their life. A little fuzz ball of their own!
      Watching cats and dogs play together is the cutest thing ever! ☺️

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  8. Hey Josie!

    Many thanks for featuring one of my door signs and for sending lots of people marching over to Etsy to buy awesome bookish things. It takes a lot of time and effort to compile a blog post for a ‘gift’ list like this so as a thank you – and because I think everyone should have a readerly door sign in their lives – I’d like to send you one free of charge.

    I hope you get my email address with this message (if not send me a convo on Etsy) so please let me have your postal address and I’ll send one out to you.

    Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

    Kind Regards
    Gina Parsons
    Managing Director
    Little Bookish Ltd

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    • Oh my gosh! This is such a surprise! Thank you so so so much! I absolutely adored making this blog post. And I adore your door sign so much and definitely think everyone needs one to add a lovely personal touch to their living space.

      Thank you so much Gina, if you could possibly reply to this comment with your email address, I will send you an email right away! Also, I will contact you through Etsy as well, just in case.

      Thank you again!


  9. I love how you tacked on a kitten to the end. 😀 Nice work!

    I’m definitely going to check out some of these, I love etsy, it’s such a creative space and I have an ever growing favourites list.

    I hope you have an awesome Christmas and get some bookish gifts.


  10. OMG I would totally love a kitten for Christmas! HAHA. I love these gift ideas and they’re actually things that I’ve bought as gifts this year. I bought so many mugs from RedBubble, including some non-bookish ones for the non-readers in my life *disapproving look*. And I also got some cute magnetic bookmarks for friends and for myself, of course. I’m loving Hello Happy Co on Etsy at the moment. They have so many fandom bookmarks!

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  11. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME, JOSIE. Now I just want to buy all the things in your post. I’m going to be ruined. But they’re ALL oh so beautiful! I love the notebooks and mugs, and I’m such a huge fan of bookish jewellry!! 🙂
    Finding the right gifts for everyone at Christmas is such a hard thing to do, I wish everyone would be bookish around me, so this would make things WAAAY easier, ahah. Sadly, no such luck, so…
    And hm, the top item on my Christmas wishlist would be, books??! 😛 Right now I would love a plane ticket to anywhere but where I am, ahah, but let’s stay realistic 😉
    Great post, as always!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, woops! I didn’t think about that! I should put up a major warning to all bookworms for this post. 😝
      They really are so beautiful right?!
      YAAS if everyone of our friends and family were bookish, we could go through Christmas gift shopping stress free.
      Haha! Of course books! They’re at the top of my list too – but if we are talking non-bookish things, that’s a different story.
      Thank you so much Marie! 💓

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  12. Awesome! I’m not really sure which book is on top of my list; there’s so many that I would like. I just know books are at the top. Also; cuddly blankets and pillows are a big favorite of mine, plus tea for in all those mugs. There’s always a couple of dvd’s I want as well, but well, not on the top of my list.

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    • I know right? If someone asked me what book I most wanted, I wouldn’t be able to pick! 😊
      Oh my gosh yes, cuddly blankets and pillows! I totally forgot about bookish pillows. But yes I love a good soft blanket to cuddle up to in the winter time!
      Tea is a major thing for me too. I need tea in my life! I haven’t touched a DVD for so long now!


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