Ways To Get Hyped Up For Christmas If You’re a Partial Grinch | Monday Musings


Hello bookworms and welcome back! It’s Monday, and so, I am back here with another Monday Musings post! ‘Tis the seasons for Christmas-themed posts, so in honor of the upcoming holiday we are all looking forward to – or NOT looking forward to – I am presenting to you a Christmassy discussion/musings post

Christmas is possibly the biggest holiday for everyone around the world. Even as early as November, people are pulling down their Halloween decorations and replacing it with their Christmas decorations, pretty lights and playing their yearly Christmas playlists from Spotify. And generally, people are excited – because who would start Christmas decorating in November if they weren’t excited? Duh.

But, there are those who would rather think otherwise; those who don’t comprehend the hype around Christmas, those who question the absurdity of preparing for a holiday so early on in the year. These people are the Christmas Grinches.


The Christmas Grinch. They’re out there. And there is definitely more than one out there! You might in fact be one of them, if you are reading this post right now! I must admit, I am a partial Christmas Grinch. Christmas is a fabulous season, I won’t deny it, but I tend to not understand why people prepare so early for it, why they bother to decorate their homes so they look like mini-cities and WHY they spend so much money on presents and other unnecessaries. 

Do you feel indifferent or cringe at the mention of Christmas?

Do you have no interest in participating in the festivities that come along with Christmas?

Do those Christmas-themed songs in the supermarket annoy you to hell?

There’s nothing wrong with being a Christmas Grinch… but we Grinches can tend to feel a little lonely when this time comes around. Sometimes we just want to get in on this Christmas hype. But HAVE NO FEAR, I am here to save the day! I will (attempt to) give you ways in which will help you jump in on the hype-train of the Christmas holiday season! 

Let’s do this!



Sure, the Christmas season can get a little stressful. Trying to find persents for all your friends and family, spending a ton of money on decorations, gifts, and more is exhausting and can make you question what all the crazy hype is all about. Not to mention, the FRENZIES AT SHOPPING CENTRES. They can get savage. (From what I’ve seen, because, you know, I’m a Grinch and hide away while everyone is out buying gifts and whatnot)But I think there are some safe ways to jump in on the hype and excitement of the Christmas season. So, first things first! 

Create a Christmas Playlist

Spotify is a fabulous app to create and find playlists of all kinds, most especially, Christmas playlists! Pick out your favourite Christmas themed songs, whether they be covers, or originals. I personally love Michael Buble’s Chrsitmas album, because they just get me in the best mood and the songs don’t overload you with a ton of Christmas sounds. I also love Ariana Grande and her take on Christmas songs (such as, “Santa Baby”). Her voice is just fabulous, honestly. Get the Christmas atmosphere going in your home by cranking up the volume on your speakers and singing along with all your favourite Christmas songs! DO IT NOW! 

Fill your home up with Christmas scents

Great blog post about festive candles- must stock up soon, since fall is pretty much right around the corner! --->Fleur De Force: Three of The Best... Christmas Candles:

So maybe decorating is abit too drastic for you. If so, I suggest bringing the Christmas spirit not your home through a beautiful smelling candle. Everyone loves candles. Or is it just me? I have an obsession with candles, and let me tell you, Christmas-themed scented candles are THE BEST. They make me want to weep at how delicious they smell! They are one of my best ways of erasing the Christmas Grinch inside of me during this time of year! 

Pinterest is a great spirit-booster

Pinterest is amazing. And if you don’t know what Pinterest is by now, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! Just kidding. But seriously. If you’re a room decor enthusiast like me (okay, honestly I’m a little bit too obsessed, but shh), then looking up ‘christmas room decor’ on Pinterest will get your Christmas spirit up and will have your Christmas Grinch running away in terror. 

Think about all the delicious Christmas cuisine! 

marshmallows dipped in chocolate then dip in crushed candy cane . top w mini candy cane & add as a hot chocolate side.:

Food is life. Food, as I am sure many of you can agree, is amazing. Along with holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas comes with an array of delicious food and the opportunity to stuff yourself with all the delicious food you want, without a care. If only we didn’t get fat after eating so much food, our lives would be so much better; BUT that’s what the Christmas season in for! Letting down your strict diets to get temporarily fat on delicious Christmas dinner and puddings and FOOD

Light ‘Em Up! 

IKEA Hack | Fairy Light Mason Jar | Daydream in Blue:

Shiny things! We like shiny things. Who doesn’t like shiny things? Don’t deny, even if you are a Christmas Grinch, that the sight of those lit up houses makes you feel a little lighter and jollier. Because it does, there’sno way around it! But sometimes, the ideaof doing it for ourselves is tiring. Decorating is tiring. But there’s no reason why we can’t do a little bit of decorating, simply with some nice fairy lights! Maybe a Christmas tree is too much effort for you, but who needs a Christmas tree? Decorate your home with a few fairy lighted mason jars, such as in the picture above! They’re simple and easy to create and will give your entire space a more festive feel! 

And there we have it! Some simple, less overwhelming ways to get excited for Christmas! I hope you Christmas Grinches out there try these out and I hope for all of the rest of you, this was an extra boost of excitement for the holiday season which is upon us! 

What are your favourite ways to prepare for the Christmas season? 


34 thoughts on “Ways To Get Hyped Up For Christmas If You’re a Partial Grinch | Monday Musings

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  2. Omg I am SUCH a Christmas Grinch. I always get annoyed at myself for it eeever year…but this year?! GAH WHAT THE HECK. XD I don’t do Christmas well so bah, I’m just not going to pressure myself to do better. hehe. We do have Christmas decorations up and we’re doing some Christmas cooking on the weekend (yuuuuum) so I’m going to consider that enough Christmas spirit for me. hehe. BUT OMG THOSE MASON JARS. That is entirely magical. I want one all year round. XD

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    • OMG Cait! You’re probably the first Christmas Grinch to comment on this post! Yeah, what’s the point in pressuring yourself to do something that annoys you, right?!
      Oh I think some decorations and yummy food is more than enough!
      YES THOSE MASON JARS. They’re beautiful! I’m thinking of doing it for myself sometime soon… ☺️


  3. Love your post Josie! The candy cane desert is definitely on my new things to try out. It looks good.

    Generally, I am not a Grinch, but I think this season is a little more stressful for me because I have 2 groups of family members coming over for the Holidays. Thankfully one of them is staying at a hotel, but it still means that I have a ton of cleaning to do.

    So I have at least 3 Christmas soundtracks. One of them is just all the holiday songs, the second has a more modern twist of Christmas (Adam Sandler anyone?), and the other has the least amount of Christmas mentioned in the songs – it’s more a Wintertime soundtrack.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad this post gave you some ideas!
      Oh yes, bringing together your family, especially a lot of members can be stressful around this time!
      Oh that’s lovely! Three different soundtracks! I love that idea. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yesss to all these! I so love the idea of Spotify playlist.. *checks out Buble’s single*.
    I get you about the “savages” on shopping malls. They’re like hungry zombies! The roads get super packed during Christmas rush! That’s one thing I hate about this season. Hmm based on the comments here, I’m surprised Australia doesn’t celebrate it much. But still, I hope you have a happy holiday treat! 🙂

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  5. Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year. It’s just so festive and cozy. However, December is also a busy month for family birthdays as both my brothers are December babies. So as a rule we don’t put up the Christmas decorations until after the birthdays. You simply cannot go wrong with a Yankee candle and I love decorating with all those pretty lights. Snow is what I wish for most over Christmas and if by any chance we have a white christmas I will be over the moon. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think I would like Christmas more if I lived in the northern hemisphere! Here in Australia, the hot weather just kills all the Christmas vibes.
      Oh wow, that means you’ve got extra money to spend since your brothers have birthdays in the Christmas month!
      I have never experienced snow, at any point of time in my life, I also wish for a white Christmas, at least once! Here’s to hoping we get this wish granted! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can definitely see how the weather might impact the festivities. I’m used to all the rain and chilly nights in the UK so Christmas is my time to be all warm and cosy.
        Oh yes. It’s terrible having their birthdays so close/on Christmas day because I have to double up on the gifts and they’re not the easiest people to shop for haha.
        I remember two occasions where I had a white Christmas and I hope you get to see some snow soon. If not pop on over here and I’ll treat you to your own winter wonderland 😛

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  6. OH NO! Don’t be a Christmas Grinch! 😛
    I love Christmas so much. For me its more about all the yummy holiday food and decorations. I love looking at decorations and finding ideas for decorating my own house.
    Great post and I love your tips! Hopefully some Christmas Grinches will reconsider after reading your post! 😀
    BY THE WAY!!! I love the snow falling on your blog! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, I’m only slightly a Christmas Grinch and I think it has to do with the weather in Australia which kills the Christmas vibe, in my opinion.
      I am thinking of decorating my room so that its Christmas themed! That will get me excited because room decor is my obsession!
      Thank you Ashley! I am so glad you enjoyed it. 💓

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s good that you’re only slightly a Christmas Grinch, haha. I can definitely see how the weather in Australia killing the Christmas vibe. I live in Florida, so it’s kind of the same. We don’t get snow or anything like that. It’s still in the 80s, which is so hot! Decorating your room will be fun! 😀

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  7. This is a great (and much needed) post! When I was a kid I was completely immersed in the Christmas season. Now that I am an adult with my own house, I have found it harder and harder to get into the same Christmas spirit. Thanks for the reminder of the little things I can do to bring Christmas back into my house.
    I still haven’t listened to an entire Christmas song this year, but I did pull out a bunch of candles that smell like pine wreaths, spices and apple pie. I am not sure that apple pie is very Christmas-y, but it reminds me of home!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad this post made an impact! It can be harder to get into the spirit when you’re older, because Christmas tends to lose its magical oomph.
      Yay! That’s awesome that you pulled out some decorations. I think I might start decorating my room with fairy lights and Christmas themed decor! 😊

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  8. I’m pretty sure I’m a partial Christmas Grinch especially because I always get annoyed when shops start selling Christmas things in September 😛 I totally agree with all your tips, listening to Christmas music always makes me feel better I also love watching Christmas movies and reading books set around Christmas time. :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Well o don’t blame you, it’s kind of ridiculous how early they start selling Christmas stuff!
      I’m glad you agree and glad you enjoyed it! I totally forgot about Christmas movies! They’re awesome. 😊

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  9. What a great post! I can be a bit of a Christmas Grinch. When stores start filling up with Christmas stuff in October-November it drives me insane. Same goes with the people who buy their Christmas trees early and decorate their houses before Thanksgiving even happens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Music is the way to the heart, I say! (And next, books, and then food)
      Oh no! That must be horrible to be surrounded by Grinches. Send this post their way and get them excited!


  10. I’m not really a Christmas Grinch, in fact, despite the winter season here and the fact that it’s cold and I hate dressing up when it’s cold, I really like Christmas! Because for me, it means reuniting with family and some people I don’t see very much during the year, so that’s amazing 🙂
    After, I completely understand how annoying it can be, and I’m a bit of a Grinch when it comes to getting gifts, buying them, and handling most of all the CRAZINESS at stores before christmas. I mean, ALL the people and ALL the queue and just, I can’t handle it at times, haha, this is annoying. And isn’t it a bit weird that people are already putting up christmas items in stores, while it’s still OCTOBER sometimes? That’s crazy! -It must happen a lot more here than in some countries, because we’re not really that much on Halloween festivities, so it’s all on Christmas, I guess.
    AND THE FOOD. Oh, how I love the Christmas food, and just letting myself be in a food coma for days after that, haha.
    Okay, so I’m not a Christmas Grinch that much I guess, haha, but I loved reading your post and you got me talking about Christmas, I love it ahah 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed, Christmas for most people is a time of coming together! Sadly for me, nothing changes on Christmas. 😭
      But yes getting gifts is probably the most frustrating! I tend to just buy very special birthday presents rather than Christmas presents… 😜
      It is really weird! This happened at the store I work at. They brought in the Christmas stock so early and I was thoroughly confused.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, even though you’re not a Christmas Grinch! 😊

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  11. This is a great post Josie! Fortunately (I think) I am quite the opposite to a Christmas grinch, I am just too cheesy to be one. I think I might even romanticize this season a little bit.

    However, I know a couple of people who definitely need to read your post so they get that extra boost of excitement to talk about! ha!

    And if the christmassy food goodies don’t work I think there’s no hope… because that’s THE BEST about this season. And the lights. And the candles. Hell.. I just love everything, you see? 🙂

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I think it’s awesome to be cheesy and excited for Christmas! I wish I could get that hyped up but there is not much Christmas spirit in Australia (where I live anyway).
      I’m glad you know some people who would benefit from this post! Oh yes if the food doesn’t work, WHAT WILL?! Maybe the mention of presents? 😂

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  12. I’m not a Christmas Grinch in any way. I think that the fact that I was born around Christmas always helped me to get hyped about Christmas. However these are great things to do even if you’re already hyped about Christmas 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Glad to hear it! Christmas is a time to be happy and excited! But here in Australia it’s never been celebrated that intensely as in other countries so I tend to be very indifferent about it.
      But indeed these things have made me so excited for Christmas and I’m sure others too!

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