The Prospect of the Future: Purpose and Success | Monday Musings


Greetings bookworms and non-bookworms alike! After a while of contemplating and thinking over this, I’ve finally decided to go ahead with this new feature on my blog! Blogging is all about sharing your thoughts and opinions and while I have many thoughts on bookish topics (because duh, I’m a bookworm), I also have many thoughts about non-bookish topics. 
As an aspiring writer, I think this is a good place to start developing my writing to hopefully reach a wide audience of readers on not just life and every day issues, but also on wider issues in our society and in our world. 
And therefore I present to you… MONDAY MUSINGS! *cue fireworks and crowd cheering and clapping* 

Purpose and success. Two words that contain so much weight to many of us, especially those of us in the early years of our life after graduating high school. Lately, these two words have been a topic weighing upon my mind after recently graduating high school. Purpose: what is life if we don’t know what direction we are moving towards? What is the point in living if we are simply going through a routine of actions that are not leading us to any sort of goal or dream? Success: our lives are bent on success. We thrive on the satisfaction that comes with succeeding, whether that be getting top marks in a test, being the top student, getting a pay rise or getting promoted – success is important and without it, we’d see our lives as being that much less meaningful.

The struggle to find purpose and success in your life, I believe, is at it’s highest after graduating high school. You’ve heard of the mid-life crisis, I’m sure. I’ve heard of many people who are or have been in mid-life crisis’s of their own. And being a freshly graduated high-school student, I’ve seen firsthand the struggle that comes with trying to find a direction for your life. With graduating high-school comes adulthood and stepping into a world of a billion forks in the road. Endless possibilities. And while it sounds exciting, while it sounds as though you’ve got heaps of different opportunities and ways to go forward with your life, the case is not the same for everyone. 

I’ve noticed that in my life, especially leading up to my graduation, I’ve been thrown endless opportunities that link directly up to my future and the purpose I have for my life. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve had a clear goal for my life. I want to be a writer, of some sort at least. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’ve recently had job offers and opportunities that have paved a possible path for me to follow. And I consider myself blessed. So you may be wondering, “Josie, why are you speaking of this topic if you are confident of your own purpose and success?”? Well, I’m glad you asked.

While I may be confident in the direction of my life in the near future, I am close to quite a few people who do not have the same confidence as I. In fact, I know many people who are unsure of where in the world they will go with their lives now that they have left high-school. I constantly see meme’s about it on Facebook and social media. The other day, a very close friend of mine came to me and told me she was devastated due to the fact that she had no idea where her life was going to go. She expressed how MY life seemed to be full of opportunities and very possible successes and how it made her feel much less sure of her own direction. This was one of the main reasons I’m writing this post. 

The struggle to find purpose and success in one’s life is hard and stressful and at times, can make you feel a little hopeless. But I want to give you a few reasons and points that will help to reassure you, whether you recently graduated from high school or college, or are facing a mid-life crisis. 

You don’t need to have your future planned out every step of the way

I’m an obsessive planner. Even today, I planned my entire day out in 30 minute increments (what kind of crazy person does that?). And planning my day out precisely, especially in times of stress, is very, VERY comforting for me. Planning is fine, but there are some times in your life when you can’t and should plan in so much detail. One of those is your future. It can be tempting to daydream about where you will go once you leave high-school or college. Dreaming is okay! Establishing a goal for your life is great, but planning out every single detail of your future? It’s not necessary. 

This is the time in your life where you should be exploring yourself, finding out what you are passionate about, what you enjoy doing. It’s a time for exploring the world and going on adventures! BE SPONTANEOUS and don’t be discouraged if you have no idea where you are going with your life. It’s okay! Life is short, so live it and make memories. 

Everyone’s life is different, don’t compare! 

Some people will be more successful than you. There is always someone in your life who will excel more and earlier in life than you. But get this: not everyone can be President of the United States. We all have our own unique lives. Just as we were all created with different appearances and different fingerprints, so are our lives the same. Some people will become well-known and famous well before they turn 25, while others will cruise along in life quietly and reach a point of success at 35. 

It’s important that you do not compare the direction of someone else’s life with your own. Everyone has different dreams and goals, and some of us are more determined than others. You have people who stay at work after hours, but you also have those who leave early. We’re all different, and the best way to avoid feeling helpless about your situation is to focus only on yourself. It’s okay to look to others for inspiration, but comparisons should be ruled out. 

Be a ‘yes’ person

If you feel as though your life is going no where, take a step back and assess your life. How do you approach opportunities that come your way? Do you take them with enthusiasm or do you avoid them because they are out of your comfort zone? I have social anxiety. Meaning, the idea of doing certain things freaks me out to the point of my body physically reacting with fear. And yet, in my last two years of school, I found myself in situations that I would have otherwise said no to. Why is this? It’s because I became a YES person. In almost every situation where something was asked of me, despite my social anxiety, I said yes. Sure it caused me stress and anxiety, but I pushed through and when I look back on how I got to where I am, I know that this was one of the biggest factors. 

So maybe you feel like you need a little revival in your life, a revival of purpose. Try being a yes person. If someone asks you to do something and you see that it could do no harm and will probably only benefit you, try saying yes! If it’s out of your comfort zone and makes you nervous, even better! 

Success is not everything

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t achieve something I was hoping to achieve, it discourages me. Success is something that we hold close to us. It boosts our self esteem. But I think it’s very important not to put too much focus on success. So you didn’t get that really great job you wanted. So, you didn’t get an A in that test. So, you didn’t get into the university of your choice? It’s discouraging, but you don’t need to succeed in everything. The way we build ourselves up and bounce back stronger is through failure. We get introspective and we accept our failure and determine ourselves to do better next time. 

What’s more important than success is memories. Don’t lose all perspective on life for the idea of being successful. For what is life if we end up rich and popular without family and friends who love you? When we look back on our lives when we are old, what is more valuable to you? Reminiscing about your wealth and success or reminiscing the memories you made travelling, with your friends and such?

Your future is not fixed, take this time to explore ALL possibilities! 

I’ll end this extremely long post with this last point. The future is not stagnant. It’s fluid, it’s always changing and there are a million different roads you can travel down. We as humans have such a short lifetime, so don’t spend it worrying that you haven’t achieved enough or that you don’t know what you want to be or what kind of job you want. 

Now is the time to discover yourself, discover the world around you and make memories. Sometimes not knowing where your going with your life is a blessing. It means you don’t need to stick to one road in your life. It means you can do whatever the heck your heart feels like doing today, and do a totally different thing tomorrow! SEIZE THE DAY! 

Now, after all of that discussing, where to YOU stand on this topic? Let me know in the comments! 


30 thoughts on “The Prospect of the Future: Purpose and Success | Monday Musings

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  2. Great post, Josie! If being a successful writer writer is your goal, then you’re already there! The part about being a “yes” person is so important. It’s so easy to let anxiety hold us back. There’s this book I haven’t read yet, but the concept is interesting, a true story about a woman who said yes to everything for an entire year. It’s called The Year of Saying Yes by Maria Dahvana Headly.

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    • Aw, Eve thank you! Indeed let’s not allow anxiety to stop us from getting what we want from our lives!
      Ooh, I’ll definitely check that book out! I need to explore some more of Headley’s work.


  3. Josie, you have no idea how much this post means. I definitely feel like a lot of these points that you made is a stark reminder that to pursue our dreams, we have to have the goal in mind and it’s not just fall into your lap. But you need to also slow down and appreciate what you have before it becomes a distant memory. You should write a motivational book!

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  4. This post is so beautiful Josie, and I am glad to see you are filled with so much positivity, even when you are trying to sort out your feelings and thoughts.

    I completely agree that we should not compare ourselves to any one else – the only person we have to measure up to is us. I only need to be better than the me that was here last year or yesterday. Growth is absolutely essential, but trying to play catch up with someone else’s life will make you feel incomplete very quickly.

    I obviously wish you all the best successes in any path you have chosen for yourself – and I am glad that you are already getting positions in your field of interest. Keep being awesome!

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    • Aentee! Thank you so much! It means a lot to me.
      Exactly! The only person you should be competing and comparing against is yourself. But you also need to accept and love yourself!
      Thank you again, Aentee you are such a sweetheart 💕


  5. This post is full of things I need to hear at the moment. Thank you.

    One of the problems I have confronted going into my adult life is figuring out what success even means to me. It’s pretty hard to aim for it when I don’t even know exactly what it is. I think we spend so much of high school and university being told what success looks like, we lose ourselves in it. When I would go to career days and presentations I would always leave with this overwhelming sense of hopelessness. It took me a long time to figure out that I felt that because the vision of success presented to me wasn’t the one I actually wanted. Realising that was very freeing. Figuring out what I do want, however, is very hard.

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  6. I like your new feature 🙂
    As you know, I’m way past the “not-knowing” phase of finishing high school or college. I finished both a good while back – damn, I’m old! But things change, even when you have a well defined plan for your life at 18 or 21 or whenever, life sometimes changes your course completely.

    *I’m gonna ramble a little about my college experience, is that ok?*

    When I finished HS I had a general direction that I wanted my life to take – I knew I wanted to go to college and study something to do with Biology, I knew I didn’t want to teach, and I didn’t want a 9-5 job, I knew I wanted research. What I didn’t know at the time was the kind of research I wanted or how hard academic life really is. During college I wasn’t the most applied student – I was there most and foremost live a little, so I made a lot of friends (a lot of enemies too, without even trying) and I had fun, I cut classes, I spent mornings playing cards at the bar, but I managed to be a good enough student to get by.
    By my third year I was super happy, I was in the general field I wanted – Genetics – so I didn’t have to put up with boring classes like Plant Physiology (that was hell for me). I had a group of super smart friends who motivated me to do better. I was traveling.
    Then my dad broke up with my step-mom and we had to move out and by the beginning of my 4th year of college I had to start working, because I felt that I should contribute something to the house, now that me and my dad were on our own. So I started to work part time (night) at ZARA, and I loved it, I loved my team, the hard work, the crazy hours… I was super tired during the day, but my friends were still there, we would make crazy midnight sessions at the movies, and hang out during my breaks. It was awesome. And then it wasn’t awesome anymore… my closest friend at the time decided something about me, without asking, and decided to make my life a living hell.
    And it turned out a living hell, truly. She made it impossible for me to feel comfortable at college, and I was so lost that I almost stopped going (my classes weren’t mandatory) and I started to do just enough to scrape by. That was supposed to be my last year of college, but I couldn’t finish, I left 3 subjects behind, which meant that I would have to go back for another year, I started to work full time and gave everything I had to my job.
    I honestly hadn’t felt so lost in my life as I did back then, I didn’t know why she did what she did, I was hurt, confused, feeling like I wasn’t worth a thing. My mom started worrying that I wouldn’t finish college, and even though I always told her that she was being silly, I seriously was doubting my ability to finish it myself. I wasn’t passionate about it anymore. I still didn’t know which field of research I wanted, and I honestly felt that I wasn’t good enough for anything science related. My boyfriend at the time wasn’t a big help himself, which was very unfortunate.
    My resolve came on the day I was strolling through the internet and found (by accident) a Master’s degree in Human Evolution. That was always my passion, but somehow during my college years it went to the back of my mind. I knew right then that I wanted that for me, and that, more than anything else, made me finish college with really bad grades that last year, but enough to finish and secure a spot at the program.

    – by the way, my friend and I eventually discussed what was going on, and we sort of made up, but she managed to make me stop trusting people too… yeah, not a good thing.

    So, I got to the master’s degree – still not really sure what I was going to do with it, changed cities, met new people, and one day, during a class, my professor – now thesis supervisor – threw a potential thesis theme for me and I took it because it felt more right than anything else until that point in my life. That was 7 years ago and it changed the path I was on completely.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is no matter how many plans you have or what you think you’re going to do, sometimes life has other plans for you (so to speak), and you just have to roll with it.

    OMG, I just wrote a huge text to say such a silly little thing… *sorry* ❤

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    • Oh my GOODNESS Cristina, that was a handful to read! But thank you nonetheless, you definitely got your point across! You’re so right, sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and let things fall into place because sometimes you just can’t control the direction your life will go in.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this post! It means a lot! 😀 xoxo ❤

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  7. That is a great feature! I am glad you decided to go with it! I personally need a purpose of some sort. I cannot cope with just drifting and coasting through life. I need something to do! I’ve graduated from college this year as one of the youngest from my class and I was so confident in finding a job, but it hasn’t really worked out so far. I have not found one yet and I am getting worried. It made me redefine what I think about success.
    I have always focused on school, good grades and working my entire life. In the process of doing that, I have let my private life slide more than a little. In the aftermath, I am glad I had a break. I needed that break, but now I am getting restless. Success isn’t earning a lot of money to me, it’s doing what you like and being able to afford life in the process. I don’t want to go back to living for a job. I want to have a life of my own and away from work. I know what I want to do and what I like to do, now I only have to find someone willing to take me in.
    I hope my ramblings made sense to you hahaha again, great topic!

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    • Thank you for commenting! I’m so glad you like it!
      Oh I totally know how you feel being the youngest in your graduating class. I was the youngest in my year group!
      Just like you, my focus has been on getting fantastic grades. Definitely success is not about money. Doing what you love and getting to do something that corresponds to your dreams and passions is the ultimate success in life!
      It’s great that you have a vision. You’re one step closer to achieving everything you want! What I’d say, is possibly just do anything, no matter how small, that has some kind of link or connection to your overall goal. From the little things you do, big results will come!
      Thank you for stopping by! ❤

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      • I agree. I’ve tried to make sure that everything I did, was somehow part of the media world. Austria has such a small market though, I want to go abroad and that’s where the real difficulties lie. One day, some day I will make it though 🙂

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