The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Blogger Award - Versatile

Hello bookworms! I’m starting off the new week, the first official week of October, with a lovely award that I was nominated for back in August by the lovely Eve @ Eve Messenger’s OtherWORDly Adventures. First let me take this time to say, please click on her blog name and follow her because her blog is wonderful and she’s just a lovely person in general! 
Now, with that all done and dusted, it’s time for the tag. This tag requires me to post seven random facts about myself! I hope you are all curious to know a little bit little old me, Josie the Bookworm! I’m a little boring, but please hold your yawning until the end of this post! Hehe. Let’s go!

Fact One:

I’ve got an extremely emotional and humanitarian heart; like seriously, I cry over the things most people wouldn’t cry over! For example, I watched a video of a guy stepping on a homeless man’s cake – a full sized, delicious cake – and I am still in a mess! Someone find me this man. I will buy him a thousand more cakes. 

Fact Two:

I drink on average, about three cups of tea a day. I’m addicted and proud of it. 

Fact Three: 

I am a writer and I am currently in the process of writing a lovely fantasy novel featuring a tough female character with an interesting identity, and a mysterious assassin with unclear motives! Sound interesting? Send me an email or put your email in the comments below if you’d like to read the first chapter! 

Fact Four: 

For about two years prior to this year, I wanted to be a beautician/make-up artist! That dream however, is no more. But let’s be serious, my eyeliner game is pretty on fleek… Right? 

Fact Five: 

I have social anxiety and it’s one of the worst parts of me that I want to change so badly. 

Fact Six: 

I have the strongest wish to move out of my parent’s home! The moment I turn eighteen, I’m going to do whatever I can to move out and make it work. I love my family, but I feel like the home is so suffocating. 

Fact Seven: 

I’ve probably watched the Lord of the Rings movies more than 20 times and will continue to watch them at least once, twice, or three times a year. So far this year, I’ve watched the three movies twice! Obviously I’m obsessed. Proud of it too. 

I hope all you bookworms were entertained by my facts! Now, I will not be tagging anyone as once again, I’m feeling very distracted and a little detached! But I wanted to give you all lovely people something!


52 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. It was so much fun reading more about you! 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear about your social anxiety though. I can only say that I hope it gets better in the future! ❤ ❤
    Also, I'd love to read your first chapter!! Ahhh it sounds amazing and I've only heard a little about it. 😀 My email is if you are still open to sending out the first chapter!

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  2. Fits you perfectly, Josie! I would vie to read your first book! I’ll be your beta reader, yes, I’m honored. 😀 😀 Of course, I was expecting nothing less, the world would be broken if you did not work with words. Then where would we booklovers be now? ❤ ❤

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  3. If you don’t want to be a beautician anymore, what is your goal now? Just curious.

    Great story line! A gifted writer, and a gifted story. I am very interested and would love to read your writing. I love writing as well, so it would be great fun to learn and see YOUR writing style!

    My email is:

    Much love, girl! You go Josie!

    ❤ ❤

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    • I want to become a writer! A writer of any kind or I’d even loved to be an editor!
      Oh you’re so kind! I will definitely be adding the first chapter of my novel to the email I will send to you today 💕

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  5. Holy eyeliner, Catwoman, how did it take me so long to notice you’d written this post? Thank you for the kind acknowledgment and, yes, I would LOVE to read your first chapter. evemessengerwrites @ gmail .com). Social anxiety is …I can’t even think of the right word for it, but I’ll go with terrible. I’m sorry you have to go through it. Meanwhile, your eyeliner game is, indeed, “on fleek” (assuming that’s a good thing, right?)

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    • Oh it happens I’m sure! And you’re welcome, you deserve it!
      I’ll send the chapter to you right away as soon as I get to my computer. 😊
      Indeed social anxiety is terrible and its such a roadblock for me!
      Yes that is a good thing! Hehe, thank you!

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  6. YESSS Josie, if you ever become a beautician I will fly to Perth to find you because your eyeliner game is FLAWLESS. I also approve of your LOTR rewatches, I watch the series with my partner every year and we still cry at the ending every time.

    I moved out of home when I was 20 and it was the best, so much more freedom. However there are a couple of downsides such as paying rent and having to cook your own meal. Luckily even now my mum lives nearby.

    Aw, you are the sweetest ever regarding the homeless man story. I want to find the person who stood on his cake and smack them senseless -___-;!

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    • Aentee! I’d be happy to give you all the free lessons you desire! And make-overs too. 😉
      YES. Lord of the Rings re-watches are essential to complete the year, every year.
      I feel like living on my own will really help me feel more free, and I feel like it will help with my mental health! Lately my anxiety has gone through the roof every time I’m home and concentration is just a no-no. But yes, paying rent and other things is what I’m worried about!

      Right?! What kind of people think they have the right to do that? Let’s go gang up on him and his friends. Let’s also maybe grab Celaena to join us… 😉


  7. I always cry for the dumbest things, I swear, I’m an emotionnal wreck, haha! And three cups of tea a day, that sounds about right to me, I’m the biggest tea fan there can be, I can’t stop drinking tea it’s just so good! And yes, damn, your eyeliner is on point all the time, I really need some lessons, if you can help me, haha! 🙂
    I understand about you wanting to move out, sometimes home can be overwhelming and, as you grow up, it’s difficult to keep on living here. I’ve moved out for my studies since I was 18, and despite it being great, there’s nothing like coming back home for a few days or some vacation to get back to loved ones. Being independant is great and building your own little cocoon, but I think I hate being a grown-up sometimes, haha! 🙂

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    • Then that makes two of us! Let’s be emotional wrecks together! I swear, I need to get off Facebook because I always end up watching all the videos such as wedding proposals that make me cry like crazy!

      Tea is just the best thing ever, I recently have become obsessed with going to a place near me called Dome, a beautiful cafe that serves tea the best way!

      Yes, I’m sure a day or two back is just wonderful, coming back to the home you spent so much time in with your family! One of my biggest worries with moving out is being able to keep sustaining for myself!
      And I totally get it, sometimes I wish I could stay a teenager forever. But then again… 🙂


  8. tea 3 times a day? I do that too… at least 🙂

    Oh, the guy is an assassin? It makes sense 😀

    I think it’s great that you want to move out of your parents house… I never really had that strong feeling, I want to, obviously (and I’m way older than you), but I live alone with my dad (when in portugal) and somehow I don’t really like the the thought of leaving him all alone

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    • Ah, so many people love their tea here! I think we need to organize a tea party where we drink tea and discuss books. 😀
      OH yes, you don’t know yet do you?! I’ll send you the next part which is developed further!
      Aw! Well, it’s nice having someone to live with, and if my mother lived alone, I wouldn’t want to leave her either. But living on my own is always something that has been something I think about for so so long!
      Thank you for your lovely comment as always! 😀

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      • I’m all for a tea party (better yet with scones) 😏 I’m hungry now…

        I get it, when I was 18 all I wanted was to live alone. It’s also what I want right now, and I’ve been living by myself for more than 3 years, but I can’t wait to finish the PhD and get a job somewhere else in the world and make it for real. Living with my father is all good, but it will be time.

        yes, please send 😀 I’m so curious!

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      • Sconeeeeesss. Oh goodness scones are what I live for. With an extra dose of cream!
        I’m excited for you!
        And as soon as I finish my TTT post, I’ll email you! xoxo


  9. Congrats on the award and also for coming up with such great facts! I always struggle to find things to tell, but yours were really good!
    By the way, I totally get the family loving but suffocating. Only problem, I am 22 … so I really need to move out soon.

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  10. High five fellow tea-addict! ✋ Although I do love coffee every now and then too. And OMG THAT GUY DID WHAT?!😢 Why are people so cruel?

    I am not surprised at all that you are extremely emotional–most sweethearts are. And yess Josie your eyeliner is always spot on. Maybe you could teach me sometime?

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  11. I have social anxiety too Josie, it sucks but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m starting group therapy in Feb 🙂 All I can say is knock it on the head now and not in ten years like me 😉 I was only diagnosed two years ago but it started in my teens. I’m now in my early thirties. Xx

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    • Nicola! I’m sorry to hear that you suffer from it too. But that’s amazing that you’re going to group therapy!
      I’ll definitely take your advice. I’m probably going to wait until next year when I turn eighteen; my parents know nothing about what I’m going through and I don’t plan to tell them!
      Good luck with therapy 💕

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  12. Congrats! I adore me some tea. I actually just finished a pomegranate one. Peppermint, lemon and ginger as well as English breakfast are my favourites (considering I’m from the UK, I kind of have to like English breakfast, I guess 😉 ) I’d love to read the first chapter of your book- I’m currently planning a book myself and I’d love to let you know what I think about yours! You can email it to me at

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    • Thank you! Oooh,pomegranate sounds delicious! I must try me some of that! I adore English Breakfast tea with all my heart and soul!

      Wonderful, I’m so glad! I’ll send you the first chapter of my book right now! And I WOULD LOVE TO READ YOURS! Please definitely send me an attachment back to your own when you get my email. ❤

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      • Yeah, it’s really interesting. Good with honey or cinnamon mixed in too. Have you ever tried Marzipan tea? I’ll send you an attachment to mine when I complete the first chapter. I’m not quite finished but within the next two or three weeks, hopefully. I’ll read yours asap. 🙂

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  13. Congrats on the award Josie! I love tea as well. My favorites are Rasberry and Peppermint. That is awesome that your writing. I love tough female lead characters. 🙂

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