Monthly TBR | September


Hello bookworms and welcome back to Josie’s Book Corner! Since we are already a week into the month of September, it is only fitting that I show you the books that I plan to read this month! It’s going to be a very ambitious TBR, so let’s just jump right in! 

Cloudwish by Fiona Wood


I have already accomplished reading this book on Saturday! One down and the rest to go! 

Cloudwish is a novel that centres around the life of a 16/17 year-old Vietnamese girl living in Australia. One day in a writing class, she picks an object out of the ‘writing promtps’ box – a vial, that has the word wish on it. She casually makes a wish that her crush on Billy Gardiner will take notice of her and what ensues is a multitude of troubles and a once impossible romance. 

If you are interested in seeing my review, click here!

The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas


I have been slowly reading this bind-up of short stories following the life of Celaena before the Throne of Glass series. I decided to go slow as I waited for Queen of Shadows to be released, but now that it’s out, it’s time for me to complete this book! I’m almost there, and I am not ready to experience the heartbreak over Sam. HE’S TOO PRECIOUS!

Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas


I’ve decided to re-read this book along with Anjie @ Love Thy Shelf, to refresh our memories of the story before jumping into the amazing-ness that will be Queen of Shadows! I am excited to get to this book this week! 

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas


I cannot fangirl hard enough for this book. I NEED TO READ IT IMMEDIATELY. The waiting is killing me. Damn you, busy reading schedule! This is a monster of a book (over 600 pages) but I will gladly fly through them and devour this book. The feels are so real right now and I haven’t even read it yet! 

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson


I am currently hosting a buddy read for this book in collaboration with Aimal @ Bookshelves and Paperbacks! This buddy read is open to everyone and ends on the 20th of September! (Hopefully I read it before it ends, oops!)

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi


After flying through Shatter Me, I knew I had to jump onto the sequel. I unfortunately did not get the time to read this last month, but this month I promise to hopefully read it! I’m very excited for it. 

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare


Another sequel! Once again, this is a sequel I am so excited to read. I need to know more about Will Herondale and Jem! I adore them, especially Jem, but I want to love Will just as many of you do! I want to understand him! 

And of course, you  bookworms know how I feel about the shadowhunter world and Cassandra Clare’s work. I LOVE IT.

That is all for my TBR this month! Hopefully I get all of them read, though with the excitement I have for all of them, I bet I will. It’s a very Sarah J Maas filled TBR! 

What books do you plan to read this month?


48 thoughts on “Monthly TBR | September

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  2. My heart literally bled for the TID series. I was more into Will, but I was also team Jem. He is just too beautiful, and his story is awfully heartbreaking!

    I love your TBR, I’m with you on Unravel Me…I NEED to read it. I am sceptical on ever liking Warner…but I have been assured numerous times that I will succumb. I feel like this could quite possibly end in ‘I told you so’s’
    So far the only Sarah Maas book I have read is ACOTAR! However, I will be remedying that quite soon!!! I’m going to start A Throne of Glass, and I can’t wait. I may be late in the game but I absolutely will fangirl with all of you! lol

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    • I couldn’t really understand him in the first novel so I took more of a liking to Jem. Maybe that will change in Clockwork Prince! 😆
      Thank you! I hope you read Unravel me. BUT BUT you have to read Destroy Me before reading Unravel Me because it will surely lead you down the path to falling for Warner. 😉
      YAY YAY YAY! I’m excited for you. The Throne of Glass series is my favourite of the year. Let me know when you read it (on Twitter perhaps) so we can fangirl!!!! 💓
      xoxo 💋

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  3. Yey to The Final Empire!! 🙂
    I hope you enjoy it. I’m at around 350 pages. I know. I know. I’m too slow. Haha. But honestly, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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  4. Very ambitious my dear! HAHA

    I’m curious to see your opinion on QoS. A lot of people are hating on it purely because their ship doesn’t end up together… and I think that’s a dumb reason to low rate a book. But yeah… I haven’t read it yet but hope to get to it soon~

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    • Indeed it is! 😂
      I know… It’s making me very sad that QoS is getting so much hate. But many book tubers I watch LOVED QoS so I’m confident I will love it beyond words! Plus, I don’t ship anyone strongly at the moment.
      AND I AGREE! It’s a horrible way to rate a book… The enjoyment factor is only one part to a rating… 😢
      I hope I get to it soon too, to give the boon the love it deserves!
      xoxo 💋

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      • I know for a fact I’m going to enjoy the crap out of it! I don’t let silly things like ships ruin a book for me. I’m in it for the fantasy and a side dose of romance so I don’t care too much for the ships.

        Let’s love it together! 😀

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  5. Awesome TBR! I still have to set mine up haha — way behind! I can’t wait for our reread of HoF! I’m even more excited to read QoS!!! Ahhh!! Oh, and seriously … good luck with Assassin’s Blade. I think I cried so much in the end, I couldn’t breathe LOL

    I’ve been wanting to read Mistborn! It looks so good. I love fantasy. I’ll be looking forward to your review!

    Ahhh!! Clockwork Prince!! Let me know when you start reading it! I have to reread it 😀 I can’t wait until you love Will Herondale as much as me. CP is such a great book and you’ll definitely understand him more!

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    • Thank you! Oh gosh, I hope you get yours set up soon! We are already one week into the month! 😊
      I am so excited to read Heir of Fire again. I will finish The Assassins Blade tonight I think (I’ll stay up late to finish it). I’ll be on twitter crying in a few hours I assure you.
      I hope you read Mistborn soon, I’ll definitely get a review up right after I finish reading it!
      I’ll tweet you when I start Clockwork Prince! We can read it together! Yay! 😊 I hope I do understand him more, I want to love him!
      xoxo 💋

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      • Haha yeah, procrastination at its finest.
        Have some tissues and chocolates with you when you finish Assassin’s lol.
        Yeah, I saw the box set that you got for Mistborn and it is gorgeous! I’ll try to buy it or hopefully someone in my family gifts it to me lol.
        Yay! Awesome 😀 He’s a little rough around the edges and he can be a jerk but there’s a reason for all of it (not that I’m making excuses for him but he … you’ll see lol)

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  6. Omg I’m the same way I need to be devouring Queen of Shadows as soon as possible!!!! I’m planing on starting the shatter me series soon, I’ve been eager to find out all about Warner and why everyone loves him!!
    You have great books here I hope you have a fantastic time reading them!! 😊

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    • Thank you!
      So far it’s lowest on my priority (which is very sad) but I will defintely do my best to get to it! Thank you, I will definitely give you a heads up when I start reading it and also when I finish it! 😀


  7. OMG, I love your TBR!
    Can’t wait to fangirl with you about all those books! I’m making my way through The Assassin’s Blade and then I’ll get to Queen of Shadows (finally) – the only reason that I’m not reading Heir of Fire again is because I finished it only a few weeks ago 😉

    Unravel is amazing (Ignite me is even better!) – I can now see what all the fuss about Warner was about 😉

    Clockwork Prince is precious, TID is amazing.

    Good luck!!! 😀

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    • Eep! Thank you, I love it too! I’m scared that I won’t get to all of them due to school being crazy… 😦 But hopefully not!
      Ah I see. I hope we can fangirl together/share our feels about Queen of Shadows AND The Assassin’s Blade very soon!
      Oh my gosh I cannot wait for Unravel Me and Ignite Me. I plan to fall hard for Warner. 😉
      I have a feeling I’ll end up binge reading the rest since I have Clockwork Princess ready and waiting on my shelf too.
      THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I’ll need all the luck I can get.


      • if you don’t get to everything this month, you have something to look forward for October 😉

        Warner is pretty easy to fall for… you’ll see!

        Oh yeah, Clockwork Princess… I read the 3 of them on a roll, but the last one broke my heart, but it’s definitely the best

        good luck with everything at school too 🙂

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      • Damn right! 😉
        After almost falling for him in his novella, I can see how easy it is! I’ll let you know how I feel when I read it…
        I’ll make sure to prepare to have my heart broken. (However I’m not very good at preparing myself).
        Thank you! Once again, I’ll need lots of luck for that too.

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  8. This looks like a great list, Josie! All the best for this month!! 🙂

    I have a feeling I won’t be reading lots this month. :’c But I hope to read at least four books! Fingers crossed I can even read three… hahaha. I’m such a slow reader!

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    • Thank you! I hope I get them all read! 😊
      Oh no! I also do hope you read at least four, that would be great! Just enjoy the books I suppose! As of the past month I’ve been a REALLY slow reader! 😄
      xoxo 💋


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