A Very Exciting Blogging Event Announcement…

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The Travelling Notebook: Bloggers Around the World

the travelling notebookk

Attention, attention! On the 1st of August, a little notebook will leave from the hands of Lia @ Book Land in Greece on a quest to reach Josephine @ Josie’s Book Corner in Australia!

Lia and I have been collaborating and working hard on a new book bloggers event in which anyone can join! Starting on the 1st of August, a little notebook in the possession of Lia, will start it’s journey around the world, with the end result of returning to me, full of the unique ideas and bookish-ness of all of you who decide to join!

This event aims to connect all of us book bloggers in the community, through a single notebook which one blogger will fill out a single page with their bookish loves and ideas (anything at all) and then send it to the next person until it finally lands into my hands, hopefully completely filled up!

Want to join in on this exciting new journey? Click the following to go to our information pages:

Josie’s Information Page
Lia’s Information Page


40 responses to “A Very Exciting Blogging Event Announcement…”

  1. Wow this is an amazing idea!!!! I love it. I’d love to join in! Except the only problem I’d have is that I’m going to England in November and so it depends how long you think the project will go on for? I live in Australia too obviously so it would make sense if I was one of the last people to get it and send it to you I suppose. Unless that doesn’t really matter haha xxx

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    • Thank you! Its such a unique idea that Lia and I thought would be really great.
      I really hope you join us, it would honestly be a wonderful thing if you did! xoxo


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