ACOTAR Discussion | All The Ships!

Monday Discussion | All The Ships… Who Do YOU Ship The Most?

Hello bookworms and welcome back! It’s been an entire weekend and I haven’t posted any of our discussion topics! I’m so incredibly sorry! But I’m making it up to you by starting off the week with a BANG. Today’s topic? ALL THE SHIPS. Here is where we discuss our favourite ships, our personal ships whether they may be popular or completely from your imagination! Let’s discuss our ships! WOO!

I’ll start us off with the discussion… I’m going to discuss my favourite ships along with ships I totally wouldn’t mind going down with. Let’s do this, bookworms!

Feyre and Tamlin = Feylin

I am sure that this is the biggest and most probably the only ship in this novel. For good reason, it is perfect beyond description! I ship Feyre and Tamlin so much! They are so damn cute together. Feyre makes Tamlin laugh and Tamlin evokes passion from Feyre. I cannot get enough of them. The most amazing scene between them for me, would have to have been the scene at the end of the book with Amarantha, where everything seemed to go absolutely downhill and crap hit the fan. I was squealing with happiness when Tamlin weeped over Feyre’s dead body. I was weeping too. And when he turned her into a high fae. YES. JUST YES. I was happy beyond words. 

Tamlin and Lucien = Tamien

They are my bro-ship. Is that what it’s called? Anyhow, I loved them. They were such good friends. Lucien was always trying to subtly hint and push Tamlin into talking to Feyre and into spending time with her. Tamlin was also so loyal to Lucien. Protecting Lucien from his brothers and letting him live a good life in the Spring Court. It was so heart warming. I was so glad to see this relationship in the book. 

Feyre and Rhysand = Feysand?

Now before you start yelling NOOOOOO and throw every sharp object within reach at me – as possible as that may be through a computer screen – just hold your horses. I don’t want this ship to come to life AT ALL. But imagining it… I can’t help it. Rhysand is a character I’m slowly coming to really like, as I’ve been pondering this book this entire week. I mean, Rhysand is gorgeous. I think they could make a dang fine couple, but I would never let go of Feylin. Feylin. Is. Bae.

Who are your ultimate ships?

Do we share the same opinions?

Tell me in the comments or click here to head over to the AMAZING DISCUSSION FORUM!

~ josiethebookworm xoxo

4 thoughts on “ACOTAR Discussion | All The Ships!

  1. It’s been almost two months since I read this book and Feylin never fail to give me all the feels. That moment when Tamlin was playing the fiddle and Feyre was dancing? Oh my gosh, so cute it makes me melt. ❤

    I understand what you mean about Rhysand. I really, REALLY love him as a character. I think he's fantastic, but I just… *hides Feylin from sight*

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  2. I liked both Feylin and Feysand but honestly I wouldn’t feel right if Feysand is worked out cause it’s a retelling of B&B tale and obviously I would go with Feylin.If it isn’t a retelling I would’ve gone with Feysand. 🙂

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