ACOTAR Discussion | Day One


Hello bookworms and welcome to our first discussion post for the week! I’m so excited that we are finally coming together to discuss this amazing book! Click here to go to Stephanie & Taylor’s post and read what they are saying! 

There are no rules to this discussion except… say whatever you want to say about this book! We want to see your opinions, so don’t be shy. It would be wonderful if we could get a full-blown discussion happening! How do I join in on this discussion right now? Good question! You can…

Comment down below

Comment in Stephanie and Taylor’s post through the link above

And most importantly… Click here to go to the discussion forum, where we can all discuss this book live! 

My Discussion Thoughts…

So I guess I will start us off by giving you my thoughts on A Court of Thorns and Roses. LET’S GO!

I gave this book 5 stars.

I thought this book was absolutely amazing. It literally gripped me from the absolute very beginning. I read the first page and thought to myself: I don’t think I’ll be able to put this down. loved how it got right into it from the very beginning!

I thought that the writing, of course, was BRILLIANT! Sarah J Maas is a queen in all aspects of her author career. The writing in this book was poetic and beautiful, yet it flowed so nicely and there was never a dull or slow moment in this book, in my opinion. She writes so vividly that I could conjure up images in my head of the world and the characters.

The plot was really quite great. Of course, this novel is based on the romance – being as it is a beauty and the best retelling. I loved it. The way that Sarah J Maas incorporated the fairy tale into this book and mixed it with the Fae and whatnot, was perfect. Sometimes romance novels can be pretty tedious and can move too fast, but in ACOTAR, it was perfect. And mixed in with the romance was hints of the Fae political issues and struggled and Tamlin’s curse which kept everything moving at a heart-racingly good pace! 

In terms of what could be improved? Oh man… I don’t know! I just flew through it completely happy with it. I thought the characters were all wonderful and the plot was seamless to me. The romance was by no means an insta-love either, which was such an incredible relief! But if you think there are some points in the book that could be improved, let me know in the comments!

My favourite thing about ACOTAR? Where do I begin? I feel so predictable for saying this, but the characters! They were all just so wonderful. Lucien was so great and Tamlin is 10/10 swoon-worthy. Feyre was not frustrating at all, and Rhysand was a lovely dark horse that I’m secretly rooting for – but Tamlin and Feyre all the way! I guess one of my favourite parts was when Feyre was in the hands of Amarantha under the mountain. My heart would not stop pounding for the entire time, until the end of the book! It was intense and amazing! 

Now it’s time to tell me your thoughts! Feel free to comment down below and PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK TO GO TO OUR DISCUSSION FORUM because that will be the best place to talk with each other. 

Tell me your fabulous thoughts, bookworms!

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