The Writing Process | Discussion Thursday

The Writing Process

Hello bookworms and welcome back. Today is Thursday and that means it’s time for another installment of Discussion Thursday! This week, I am going to be discussing a topic which plays on my mind all the time. As you may know, I am aspiring to be a writer, and more specifically, a novelist and I am working on a novel. The writing process is a complex thing when it comes to creating a novel as I have found out through my recent experiences with writing my novel: The Apocalypse. Let’s jump in…


So if you have been following me for quite a while, you have probably come across, seen or even read some of the chapters of my novel that I started to write. I was enjoying it and had made good progress on it. Until I decided to scrap it.

Now you’re probably wondering – Josie, why the hell did you scrap it? First off, I didn’t literally scrap it. I simply decided to start over. The copy of the original still exists and I am never going to delete it. However, I will not be continuing with it from that angle. I’ve decided to go with a new angle.

After a while of writing this novel, basically I started to lose my focus. Everything became too broad. I found myself questioning the world I had created, my characters and my plot. This drove me absolutely crazy, because questions would pop into my head and confuse me. The culprit? Lack of planning. And this is where I realised I needed a writing process and scrapped my novel to start all over.

Planning, in my opinion, is absolutely essential to creating a piece of writing. For me anyway. I know some people can come up with a one sentence idea, or a paragraph of a plot, and write and write until they’ve completed an entire novel. Me? I don’t think I can do this without extensive planning. Some people can take minutes planning a novel, while some can take weeks, months, even years. I’m in the latter.

My initial novel had an idea set in place. That idea was basically the only solid thing about my novel. Everything else was fluid and could have been prone to move in any crazy direction. I love this honestly, because as a creative spirit I can move into any direction I feel and let my imagination run wild. However, in the case of my novel, it got too much. I was confused and left thinking way too long on where my story would go next. There wasn’t a nice flow going on.

So I started to plan. I started out with a simple step. First off, I planned out the world, the setting of my novel. This could range from being incredibly simple and vague to being tremendously detailed and refined. This all depends on the type of book you’re writing. My novel is set as a high fantasy novel, so my setting needed to be fairly detailed. I started by constructing a map. Because who doesn’t love maps, am I right bookworms?

The next thing I did once I perfected this map, was jump into word and start writing a general history of my world that would then lead into the main plot. Excessive? Not in my opinion. The more I know, the better I can write without questioning myself. So I wrote an entire history. It wasn’t text-book style history, but a nice two page summary of events that would then lead and give better insight into the plot that the main character is in.

I have only developed this far, but I plan to do much more. The writing process is an excruciatingly important and loquacious thing. I believe every writer, who is writing a novel should have their own writing process. Basically, a disposition of the course of the novel. Specifically, fantasy novels need a lot of preparation, in my opinion, if they are to be good books. I’ve seen the result of fantasy novels that are not well thought out. Not pretty.

I plan to continue slowly planning my novel. However, I am not going to spend weeks upon weeks simply planning. I’m going to try and start writing, now that I’ve got the general gist and atmosphere of it. I think the best way to for me go about this process is to write, and along the way, plan and make notes of little bits and pieces of information that may not all appear in the story, but will play an important role as knowledge.

That is it for this week’s Discussion Thursday! What do you think about the writing process? Do you think it’s necessary? Do you find yourself in need of creating a plan before writing? Or are you one of those talented people who can completely dive into the deep end? Tell me in the comments! Discuss with me!

~ josiethebookworm xoxo

15 thoughts on “The Writing Process | Discussion Thursday

  1. I definitely love the planning process, but like anything it’s never just planned and done, as you know! For me, I enjoy mapping out key plot points that are going to be in the story and then figuring out how I get those while righting. (It’s a sloppy explanation, but I think you get the jist.)

    If I plan out too much though I start to take away some of the fun of going on the adventure and thinking on my toes with the characters. I know where we have to get to but not always how we’re going to get there. Does that make sense?

    My favorite thing to do is to literally map out plot points, like making a massive time line of things with lots of arrows and squiggly lines and explosions and stars and more intense squiggly lines. Then, often times, as things start falling into place I’ll go back and nestle in these little tiny but really special details. That’s just some of my process! 🙂 It’s a little weird.

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    • It totally makes sense and that’s pretty much how I feel also. Too much planning can totally kill the vibe. We need to let out creative spirit run a little wild.
      I love that technique – creating a full blown map / brainstorm of the plot! I like it! 😄

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      • The best part is letting creativity run rampant when possible because then you go on adventures you didn’t even think of and you’ll never forget them! 😀

        I also have a special file where I allow my creativity to just go and get out because then I I still get to go on the adventure but I don’t have to add it to the story everyone else reads.

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      • That’s a great thing to have, to do every day as a way of releasing all that pent up creativity that doesn’t have much purpose but just needs to come out. You never know, one day you’ll look back and be able to form another story out of it!

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  2. Oh My! I felt like this was my story 🙂
    Over the past few years (four to be exact) I’ve been working on a fantasy novel that has headed off in many directions and I have always started over again and again. If you’ve decided to start over again don’t feel bad about it. Testing your book from different angles is a very important thing. I try to read it as how my readers would gather things and presume. You’d be laughing if I told you my history of my world of the book that I wrote in an attempt to sort out things is exactly two page long. However I really need to get motivated and start with it and I really wish I could write more. I feel like doing nothing practically, which is really bad, considering the amount of things I’ve stockpiled over the past years. World Building is a very important part of fantasy, and I’ve headed straight there to work on it first. Hope you get your book published soon, and I think it’s not too much to ask but I could do with a signed copy. Just saying 🙂

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    • Oh wow! I would love to see some of your work if you’re willing to share!
      World building is definitely important, I completely agree. I feel good now that I’ve started again. Hopefully I find the time to write every day!
      I think it will be a long time before I ever get it published, I’m not even sure when I’ll get it finished! But I’m starting to officially work on it, so I may be giving sneak peaks soon. You should follow me on Wattpad, which is where I will be posting it publicly! xoxo

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      • That’s cool. I think I might share a few tits and bits, for you know an overall impression from my readers. I am glad you will be interested. I will wait until your book gets rolling into the book making machine(that’s what it is right?), but still I’ll make sure I go through your wattpad stories from time to time.

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  3. I was the opposite the more I planned the less I could write. I didn’t like being in a box it left no room for something better to come along. I do like your history paper and map though cool ideas! I did a map for my second book. Very helpful!

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    • Yeah, I totally see where you’re coming from! I think for me, I’m stuck in the middle. I do like to give myself the freedom of exploring different outcomes and tangents to a plot, but I like to set up the little bits of information, the rules, the general things because I sometimes get a bit lost (I tend to wander too far in my mind)
      And thank you! I love maps. What are your books? I’d love to check them out. xoxo

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      • It really comes down to how one’s creative juices work whether we’re plotters or pantsers. I think I’m in the middle too because I know the beginning and end sequences for my trilogy but the journey is open ended. My first book is Zaria Fierce and the Secret of Gloomwood Forest. I just finished writing the sequel Zaria Fierce and the Enchanted Drakeland Sword.

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