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I Am More Happy Than Not Tag

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Hello my fellow bookworms and welcome back to another post! Today I am coming at you with a tag known as the I Am More Happy Than Not Tag. Have no idea what this is? Well, let me explain. This is a tag where you basically answer one question: What makes you more happy than not?

Many thanks to Joey @ thoughtsandafterthoughts for tagging me!

And many thanks to Casey @ inspiredbythepage

I Am More Happy Than Not . . .

Staying home (and being antisocial) to read books instead of going out and communicating with the people of this world is something that makes me more happy than not.

Writing blog posts and having bloggers and readers comment and discuss with me makes me more happy than not.

I am more happy than not when I am cuddling up with my big fluffy fur-ball of a cat.

Strolling around the bookstore for hours on end is something that I can definitely say makes me more happy than not.

More like: When I READ the world gets better, am I right?!

I am more happy than not being a slightly awkward and antisocial person who usually struggles to make small talk and conversation with people in life.

When fangirling and swooning over male characters in books and claiming them as my book boyfriends, I am most definitely more happy than not (and totally do not regret it).

Leo Valdez…

Spending hours on end scrolling without purpose on Tumblr or on Pinterest instead of doing my very important homework or assignments is a task in which I find myself much more happy than not.

Helping out the elderly and those in need when I am out about doing things in my daily life makes me feel very much more happy than not!

I am more happy than not singing, praising and worshiping to Christian songs and getting lost in the presence of God.

When I cry and cry AND cry over the ending of a book whether it be because it was sad or just because it was simply amazing, I am more happy than unhappy.

Whenever I get a new package in the mail from Book Depository, seeing that package with a book obviously inside makes me extremely more happy than not.

Lastly, I am more happy than not scrolling through tons and tons of interior design images – man, I love interior design.

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And that is all for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed this and please feel free to tell me down below some things that make you more happy than not! And tell these awesome bloggers that they need to do this tag. I love you all deeply.
~ josiethebookworm xoxo

20 thoughts on “I Am More Happy Than Not | Book Tag

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  3. Ha ha yes staying home being antisocial reading books (or being social over books on blogs!) definitely makes me more happy than not! I totally agree with all your answers, hehe. What can I say, great minds think alike! (Although most accurate would be, great readers think alike!) ❤

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  5. Thank you for doing the Tag, Josephine! I think we can all relate with being awkward and getting lost inside a bookstore. 🙂 And the Agnes and “My “people skills”” gifs are just so on point! You didn’t mention about whether you read the book from which this tag originated from or not, but if the latter is the case, I hope you check out the synopsis and maybe read it, too.

    Again, thank you so much! I am More Happy Than Not that you took the time to consider what gives you elation in the everyday life.


    • Thankyou!
      Glad you can relate! 😂 I do think those gifs were pretty on point!
      I have not read the book yet, but I am going to read it soon! (I better put it on my TBR now!)


    It’s also awesome that you added some gifs!
    Pinterest ❤ YES!! I spend way too much time on there, especially when I should be reading. Haha.
    Staying home is always nice. I usually prefer being home most of the time.
    I am definitely anti-social and socially awkward, lol. I hate small talk so much.

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    • THANK YOU!
      Yes, I couldn’t resist adding in some gifs 😂
      I can lose HOURS just scrolling though Pinterest, it is wonderful!
      Home is where the heart is, they say! Glad you feel the same way.
      One of the reasons I love home so much is because I’m so so socially awkward! And I have a slightly problematic anxiety when it comes to social interactions with people who AREN’T my 3 best friends 😅
      It’s okay, we can be antisocial together, hehe.
      Thankyou for stopping by! xoxo

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      • Pinterest is so evil, lol. It’s such a distraction sometimes, especially if I’m reading. I’ll get the urge to just want to pick up my phone and scroll through Pinterest for a little bit, hah.

        I am exacting the same way. I am so socially awkward (part of my blog name “socially awkward bookworm” haha). I’m just not good with talking to people in person and sometimes even people I’ve known for so long (like family and stuff). sigh.

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      • I do tend to do that in class, damn you Pinterest!
        I can totally relate to you! Oh well, being socially awkward is nothing to be ashamed about. 😊


  7. This is such a wonderful tag and there is so much room for creativity and exploration. Besides I’ve never done anything like this before
    Thanks a ton Josie. But I’ll Take my time because I am busy redesigning my blog. Oh Wait! I notice that you’ve changed your header. It looks really good ❤
    And Leo is MINE 😉

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    • There is, isn’t there? I thought you hadn’t, that’s why I tagged you! I really want to see your answers to this.
      I can’t wait to see the redesign of your blog! It looks fantastic right now and I bet it will look even more fantastic!
      Yes, I did! I’ve been inspired by everyone who seems to be having a spring cleaning of their blogs! I’m so happy with it! 😊
      I’m sorry, but I still cannot accept that. 😂


    • That’s one of the reasons I love being here and blogging so much! Because I have no book loving friends AND because in quite socially awkward. I’m glad to have you and everyone else to bond with without the awkwardness! xoxo

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