June Read Along | LET IT BEGIN!

Let the Read Along BEGIN!

Hello bookworms! I’m here to announce that for all of you who are planning to read along with me and the girls @ Bibliophile Gathering, that we are starting TODAY! So get your copies of A Court of Thorns and Roses and let’s read! 


This read along will be starting today and will continue for the duration of June, so that gives you plenty of time to read the book over the month.

At the end of the month, we will be coming together to discuss our thoughts, through reviews, discussions, etc. However you guys would like to do it. 

I will personally be uploading my review along with a separate post completely dedicated to all of you who joined in the read along – I will have generated some question/discussion topics so we can go crazy with discussion in the comments!

Remember to use the hashtag: #JuneAndRosesReadAlong on your blog or on any of your social medias, so that we can find you! (That came out creepier than I expected). 

Good luck everyone and I’ll see you again with this at the end of the month!

~ josiethebookworm xoxo

38 responses to “June Read Along | LET IT BEGIN!”

  1. Reblogged this on Daydreaming Books and commented:
    Hey there guys, I’m finally starting ACOTAR from today. I’m sooo exited! Those of you have the book but haven’t started reading it yet should totally join this read-along. It’s going to be super fun! 😀


  2. Okay! After a lot of price-staring and arguing with my bank account, I finally decided to buck up and go for it. I am officially part of the read-a-long! Thanks so much for giving us a full month. Some bloggers are like “I read five books a week!” and I’m thinking “How many of you are there? I can’t finish five books a month!”

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    • Yes! Awesome! You are so welcome, I know that not everyone can finish a lot of book in a short amount of time. It also gives others a chance to jump in maybe halfway in June or so.
      I never thought I’d be able to finish more than 3 books in a month I think my record is 7 so far! I bet you can do it! xoxo


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