Reading With HoloLens

Introducing a new way of boosting your reading experience! Book worms, this piece of technology sounds very, very interesting indeed…

Johnny Reads

You likely have no idea what I’m talking about, which is why you should continue reading.

Microsoft was awarded a patent today that could change the entire reading experience. Books. Magazines. Newspapers. All of it. Now you’re probably wondering how they plan on doing this. Well it looks like they’re planning on doing it through what is described as a “blended reality” headset (HoloLens). The headset and the patent would work together through augmented reality tags and sensors to display characters and scenes from the book AS YOU READ. That’s pretty damn great.

Imagine reading through an intense shootout between 5-10 people and getting to experience that. Or a fight to the death between two characters. Or just about any kind of action sequence. I personally think certain genres will work better with this technology than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be embraced by most readers…

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