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Top Ten Reasons I Love To Blog

Hello bookworms! Once again, Tuesday has come around… and that means it’s time for a Top Ten Tuesday! I’m always excited for Tuesdays because of this. This week The Broke and the Bookish gave us the opportunity to pick our own topic for discussion, and because I’m totally lazy, I looked through past TTT posts. TOP TEN REASONS WE LOVE TO BLOG was one of the past topics and I thought, “YES, that’s what I will talk about this week!”

So without further delay, let’s jump in to the reasons I personally love to blog and do book blogging!

1. I can express all my thoughts and opinions freely

I love blogging so much because of the fact that I can get my thoughts out there. Especially about books – in my own personal life, I don’t have anyone to fangirl over the books I read, and as much as I still wish for a real life reader friend, the blogging community gives me tons of reading besties such as all of LOVELY PEOPLE reading this post right now! [Wow, I’m actually getting teary! This is very close to my heart guys, YOU GUYS are very close to my heart!]

2. Blogging opens my eyes to new ideas and things in general

Through blogging, discussing in the comments and reading other people’s blogs, my eyes have been open to so many new ideas and concepts thought by others! I love it! It enriches my life and gets me thinking. And being the introvert that I am [and staying home most of the time, without socialising] blogging has helped me see so much more of life and into the lives of others! 

3. The book blogging community is so friendly

An amazing part of being a book blogger is that I get to meet so many encouraging and loving bloggers. I would genuinely love to meet all the people who have dropped me comments and those I’ve talked to! 

4. I’m introduced to so many new books

If I didn’t have a book blog and didn’t read other bloggers, my TBR wouldn’t be sitting on almost 300 right now. BUT I DON’T REGRET HAVING THAT AMOUNT OF BOOKS ON MY TBR. You know why? Becuase having them there is better than never finding out about them! There are so many hidden gems out there that different bloggers open my eyes to. 


Especially, I’ve found in the book blogging community, we come up with a colourful array of subjects to talk about. Books are so wonderful and give us bloggers the opportunity to talk about so many different things through blogging.

6. It’s honestly my escape from life

When I’m feeling down, or frazzled or my brain feels a little fried, I jump on to my blog and start reading the bloggers I follow. And it instantly perks me up and makes me feel so much better!

7. I’m aspiring to be a writer/author and blogging is my creative outlet

I am so so very passionate about becoming a writer. Every time I think about doing something else, I always come back to the central idea of becoming a writer. Even thinking about it now makes my heart beat with excitement. Blogging is like my first platform to becoming noticed as a writer!

8. It’s so diverse

The blogosphere is so diverse with so many different people writing about different things. It’s amazing to me because through blogging, everyday people can get out there and show themselves to the world and show their uniqueness that might have been overlooked in our everyday society.

9. There’s no limit to what you can do

Honestly, with blogging, there’s nothing you can’t do. You can talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. [But don’t write anything illegal or discriminating – well then again, it is a free world]. You might feel like writing about what you did today, well then, GO DO IT! It’s a completely blank canvas, every time, for you to just go crazy with. 

10. It’s just amazing [I couldn’t think of another reason, to be honest]

If you’re reading this, and you’re hesitant on starting your own blog, just do it man [by man, I mean everyone, not literally men. I have a very bad habit of saying ‘man’]. But seriously, if you have an urge to blog about something, and really, it can be anything, just do it. Send me the link to your blog! I’ll check it out, I’ll follow you! I’ll comment and talk to you! You all have voices that deserve to be heard.

And now we reach the end of this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment and comment down below your reasons for loving to blog and if you are planning to start a blog, tell me what you plan to blog about! I love you all and I love talking to you guys, so comment, comment!
~ josiethebookworm xoxo

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Reasons I Love To Blog

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  2. I love and share with you reason number 7. I want to be a writer and after 5 years wasted in collage studying things I was never passionate about, I realized that what fills my spirit is writing.
    I wish you all the best!
    I’ll maybe start joining Top Ten Tuesday. Looks like fun.


    • Glad you do! Aw, don’t start you wasted your time, I’m sure w at you learnt may not have been towards your passion but it’s added something to your life that you might find is useful or just adds colour to your life!
      And its great when you find out what your true passion is, and writing is an incredible one!
      Thank you and you definitely should! They’re a great way to start up discussion.


  3. This is totally my list as well; I completely agree! Blogging has been wonderful, and it’s because of amazing bloggers like you that it’s been that way! ❤ You're always super enthusiastic, and I love having conversations and fangirling over books with you! 😀 Anyway, great post!

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  4. What an amazing idea for your TTT this week, I love it! I feel the same way about book blogging as you, and recognized myself in all of your answers, I think. (Are we secret twins? haha!) I love finding out new books and discussing them, and all book-related subjects, with bloggers from all around the world ! 🙂
    Great post Josephine! ❤

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  5. This definitely sums up why I love the book blogosphere and bookstagram (it’s just so nice knowing fellow bookworms from different continents of the world and chat with them and discuss everything under the sun [if that makes any sense xD] 😊)

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    • Yes, the blogging community is so diverse, which is a reason I love it so much, I my self only started this year!
      Thank you for stopping by, I’m going to check out your post right now! xoxo

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  6. I love your chosen topic. And everything you just said was exact and perfect. I agree on every single thing of it. It really is amazing 😀 this is a really great post! looking forward to more.

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  7. I really love your TTT post and these are so true!
    I am so glad that I have started to blog, because it’s really been a great experience.
    I have also been introduced to so many new books and getting to become friends with so many awesome bloggers, LIKE YOU! 🙂
    It’s so fun blogging about something you really love and being able to talk about it with others that love it just as much as you do!
    My TBR before blogging was at like maybe 100 and now it’s almost 400! Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I got very passionate about writing this post to be quote honest!
      Aw, stop it you! 😘 People like you light up my day! Especially when you take the time to comment and have a little conversation with me over my posts!
      Talking with others is the best part of blogging, I think! Oh my goodness and yes, our treacherous TBR lists! They will be forever growing!

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