What’s Up Sunday

What’s Up Sunday

Hello fellow bookworms! So I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been away for quite a while and haven’t updated any posts lately, and I am truly sorry for that! This week has definitely been hectic for me. But I had an idea for a blog post and I’m calling it What’s Up Sunday. 

What’s Up Sunday is going to be a weekly blog post that I’m going to do in which I tell you what has been up with my week in terms of books (of course) and life. I thought this would be fun for you guys to get to know me and to see how my reading is going every week! So, lets get into it!

Bookish Things

My reading lately has been EXTREMELY SLOW. I was given Jasper Jones to read for school, and I’m currently 91% the way through it, but I need to hold out on it for school reasons. I was also trying to read Conqueror’s Moon but I gave up on chapter 3 today… BUT! I have decided to start reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo today, and once I finish this blog post, I am going to get on to reading it! But so far I have only read one book in the month of February! I feel quite ashamed of myself!


I’m in year 12, so my school life is pretty hectic. Actually, I have a history test tomorrow which I need to revise for! Year 12 is a crazy year, there’s literally so much information being thrown at me plus a bunch of assignments I need to start working on which are due in next month! So if I’m a little inactive, you guys will know why!


Life also, has been hectic. I’ve never been busier in my entire life than this month, I believe! I’ve been going to many events, I’ve been catching up with lots of my friends and people I know plus a bunch of other things! It’s exciting, fun and exhausting, but overall, it’s great. I bought a box set of The Hunger Games in hardback version on The Book Depository and guess what guys… I GOT IT FOR ONLY 45 dollars. That’s crazy. I saved 25 dollars and currently it’s flying it’s way to me. I can’t wait to get them I’ve already read them but there’s no harm in buying them and keeping this on my shelf. I would definitely read it again.
I haven’t been watching any TV shows, so there’s no updates on that. Can you guys believe this… I don’t watch TV. At all. I don’t know why or how. I just never watch TV. I think that’s crazy, but I don’t know, might me just me. 

But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this little weekly segment that I’m starting up, if you liked it and would like to see more in the future, like this post or comment down below. And also if you want to join in on this, just link back to this post! Thank you as always!
~ josiethebookworm xoxo

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