Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems

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Book Related Problems That I Have

Hey guys and welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday. This week’s topic – as you might have already guessed – is book related problems that I have! This can be either some serious problems that I have, or some fun problems (problems aren’t fun, but I think you understand what I mean, right?)

But I guess you’re here for the Top Ten, not the babbling, so without further delay, let’s go!

1. When covers in a series don’t match

Now this is is a problem I have sometimes, and it’s incredibly frustrating. You buy the first book in a series – which has a beautiful cover – and then when you go to buy the next one, expecting the same beautiful type of cover, and then you realize, they’ve changed the entire theme of the cover. So. Damn. Frustrating. 

2. Long chapters

I really do not like it when a book has long chapters. It causes a book to drag on and on for me, because I’m one of those people that cannot stop reading in the middle of a chapter. I have to finish that chapter before I can feel closure, or I’ll have to start the chapter all over again when I next come back to it. I also lose attention for the book when a chapter goes on for too long. This is how I feel with Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey. 

3. Reading slumps after an awesome book

This has happened to me a couple of times. I read an incredible series that I’ve fallen in love with, and then when it ends, I literally feel like my life has ended too. I get so engrossed in books, so caught up in the story, that when it’s over, I feel like I’ve been hung out to dry and I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. 

4. Trying to balance reading and the rest of my life

If I had the opportunity to choose to go and live a normal life, going to school and doing all the things a normal person does in ones life, getting a job and what not, or to just be able to stay at home and read countless amounts of books and get paid to read them and review them, I would choose to stay home and do just that. Reading is a big part of my life. Some days I wake up and I know I have to go to school, but I desperately just want to stay home all day and read books! 

5. The need to buy every book in physical form despite having it as an e-book

I’m one of those people. I may have bought the book on my Kindle for $11 but if I loved it, I NEED and HAVE to go out and buy the real copy. I can never be satisfied with an e-book copy. 

6. Paperback vs. Hardback

For some books, this is a struggle and on different levels. First of all, hardbacks are so darn beautiful, especially when it comes to some book series. But the prices for hardbacks can be quite expensive and can even get to extremely ridiculous prices! Paperbacks are the best option because they are affordable, but they can get damaged quite easily! It’s such a sad problem – but if I was rich, this wouldn’t be a problem.

7. Being late on the bandwagon

I feel like I am behind on the bandwagon for SO many books. (One being the Harry Potter series. I know. Shoot me.) But this frustrates me extremely, because then I have to put them on my reading list and others have already moved on and are discussing the next best book, and I’m sitting here, internally screaming: I want to discuss it too! Let me join you! But I can’t because then that will literally put me off all those books I need to read. Which leads me to my next point!

8. The endless TBR list

My TBR is is forever growing, faster than it can be depleted. It causes me anxiety and I feel like there’s so much pressure being exerted on me to read these books! But also, at the same time it gets me hyped up and excited, as if I’ve constantly got a purpose. 

9. Falling in love with male characters

All too often, I fall in love with the male characters in books – I mean seriously, I fall in love. And this is a problem because I begin to compare and associate the traits of these fictional male characters with people in the real world and it’s totally unrealistic. I can’t help but think: why can’t all the boys in this world be like that certain male character that I love? And sometimes I get so caught up in a male character that I’m sure I sound absolutely insane.

10. When everyone you know around you does not read

This is the most true and saddest of my bookish problems. I am the only avid reader I know among my group of friends or people I know, save from a few who read every now and then. But I haven’t found anyone I can discuss and have long conversations about book-related topics. I desperately want to start a book club where I live or in my school, but there’s no way that would ever happen. And it’s also a problem not having book-reading friends because when you’re reading an incredible book, all you want to do is gush on and on about it until you cry about it (me) but when you do, your friends look at you like: 

So that’s it for my Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems That I Have! I hope you enjoyed it! Comment down below if you agree with any of these problems and also tell em your biggest bookish-related problem, because I LOVE hearing your feedback! Also don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed it. 
~ josiethebookworm xoxo

30 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems”

  1. I SO get your struggle with paperback vs hardcover. I just saw the infernal devices at walmart for 25 dollars and i wanted to buy it so badly but for some reason i could not justify it. :(. BUT, have you heard of paperbackswap? Ive yet to explore it in depth myself, but so far it seems like a pretty interesting site!

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  2. I agree with everything, omg! But most of all the last one! It’s so hard being the only one of my friends that reads and I having no one to talk to about the amazing books I read. And they think I’m weird when I say I don’t want to go out, but stay in bed and read, haha. The struggle is real:D

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  3. I agree with you especially on the long chapters and the “I’m-late-on-the-bandwagon”. I am always late to join the party. If some new book (be it stand alone or series) comes out, I will probably read it two or three years later). I still haven’t read the Vampire Academy series or the spin-off series everyone’s now talking about. I also still haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles (I have read Cinder last year and loved it, but I’m still behind on the whole series…). I just want to read as many books from my TBR as possible and maybe in a few years I’ll be on track with all of the new releases 😀

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    • Yes! I’m in the same position with you right now with all those books! I just have too many to catch up on before I can get to the new releases. Hopefully we both can get on track as soon as possible. 🙂

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  4. I agree with all of these! Especially the one about the male characters. They’re all so perfect except for the slight fact that they don’t exist. *cries*
    I wish i could have physical copies of the books on my Kindle. But my bookshelf would probably break.

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    • Yes! Exactly. Some long chapters can be well-written, fast-paced and captures my attention but sometimes I read a long chapter thinking: this could be split up into 2 chapters at least!


  5. I feel your pain so much on wanting a book club! None of the ones in my area focus on YA/are my age group so I have to turn to blogging to discuss books. My bf reads quite a bit but we have different tastes (he reads a lot of high fantasy rather than YA). I try to participate in online buddy reads while I can to get that book-club feeling, but it sucks not having people in person to talk books with, since they’re such a huge part of my life!

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  6. Great list! I agree with it all. Except for the Ebook thing because I don’t read them. I forgot Jasper Jones has long chapters/none really but I loved it anyway. Reading everyone’s lists I realise I could have made a list of more than 10 things!! Gah 🙂

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  7. Great post! I have a lot of the same problems as you. Especially when the book covers don’t match- I start having inner fits when books are shorter/taller than the other ones in the series haha! x

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